Found some very photo-realistic looking experiences, try these on your pimax headsets!

1- “Unreal Paris 1.2” UNREAL PARIS 1.2 - Virtual Tour - Unreal Engine 4 | @60fps1080p - OFFICIAL - YouTube, download link:

2-“Book of the dead” Unity Book Of The Dead Environmental Assets Released Free! - YouTube, haven’t tried this myself. It’s in unity so you can use VRGIN to view it in vr

3-“ArchVizPRO” this one looks SOOO real, INSANE GRAPHICS IN UNITY 2018! | Interior Demo with ArchVizPRO (VR-friendly!) - YouTube

just type in youtube “most realistic unreal engine 4 vr” and you’ll get loads more. I’m waiting for my 5k+ to arrive so let me know how any of these work on the 8/5k, if they do.


Free download experiences?

yessir, also if you go to vrchat and type in “nomic” you’ll find some worlds with photorealistic graphics (someone just told me this)


Ever try book of the dead, but what is VRGIN?

book of the dead


I tried Unreal Paris yesterday. It looks fantastic on the screen at 4K. Really amazing graphics. I’m not sure however how much of the lightning and shadows is realtime and how much is precalculated as textures.

The demo starts on the 5K+ and I can look around. The resolution is bad, I still need to adjust Pitool and SteamVR settings. Since I don’t have basestations and controllers I was unable to move. Will give it a second try once tracking is available.

Runs smooth on a GTX 1070 at 4K.


Vrgin is a plugin that lets you play any unity game (has to be using unity version 2016 or higher) in vr

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Has download link? I try to search, but can’t find. And have to install unity program?

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If we’re hunting photo-realism, you can’t really go wrong with “Welcome to lightfields”. :7


Deus Ex Demo is really good as well.

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Just search for Sweviver Ghost of a Tale VR.

It´s the same procedure, but it didn´t work for me in Book of the Dead.

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That demo built in supersampling I think it’s the grip buttons last I checked. You can increase and decrease it on the fly.

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I was having trouble with the Paris one last night.
It kept crashing on launch.
I tried using a few different resolutions but
Admittedly I only tried large fov & pitool @2.0.
It was late & I didn’t have time to try more settings so it may work on lower fov or pitool.
Anyone have any problems with this?
Welcome to lightfields works great.
It’s only short but a great experience.
for me the space shuttle was the real highlight.

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Reduce pitool if it’s unreal.


Mpmo10, what player do you suggest viewing this on? They mention VR friendly, could you explain how that works? THanks!

Just download the .exe and open it

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Sorry, what .exe are you referring to? In the Unreal Paris zip?

What about the ArchVizPro link? What player would you use for that? Is it 360?

yes the unreal paris one. I discovered that the ArchVizPro is $40 or something like that LMAO

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