[Found a Workaround] USB Problems Are Really Bad Now

Update: I realized my Vive LinkBox is basically a powered USB hub for 1 port, so I’m using that and I haven’t had any disconnects…yet

I’m not sure if it’s the latest updates making it worse, but I used to get random disconnects when I had a bunch of stuff plugged into my USB ports (not using any front case USB ports), like the whole headset would go black and restart, and sometimes I’d lose my default sound settings and needed to select the Pimax again.

I updated yesterday, and it seemed to work fine until late at night. Today, it was constantly disconnecting. When it did seem to work, I had to re-select USB Audio device for Pimax, and then it would start disconnecting constantly again, immediately when I selected the USB Audio. Sometimes a PC restart would help, but then when I plugged in my wheel and/or shifter it started disconnecting again. Sometimes changing my USB ports would help, but then the issue happened eventually. I even went back to the previous PiTool and Firmware, which seemed to at least keep my 5K+ constantly connected(didn’t try my wheel/shifter), but then going back to the new versions made it disconnect again. I’m considering keeping my HMD on High brightness, and seeing if it stays with older firmware/pitool versions. When trying to just get the HMD working, I had it on Low brightness, in case the High brightness caused issues.

Sometimes, taking everything out of my USB ports besides the 5K+ would work, but when I plug in something else it disconnected. Sometimes, keeping just the 5K+ didn’t work either.

I also turned off USB power-saving through SteamVR, and messed with some USB power settings, but I couldn’t find exactly where my 5K+ was to check it, so maybe I need to look into that more. FYI I’ve never had a problem like this with my Vive or Odyssey+.

I got pretty dang frustrated, since I wanted to get some races in today. Even yesterday I wouldn’t have trusted my 5K+ to stay connected for a race. Looks like I’ll be racing with my Vive until I feel like reverting stuff again.

Drinking some matcha green tea I just bought, feeling a bit better and more Zen-like, but man this is annoying…


There is a tool @D3Pixel posted called usbview. It may help to find conflicts. But yes a few folks have reported connectivity issues.

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Thanks! I actually may have fixed it! I went into Device Manager, then I right-clicked every “Generic USB Hub” and “USB Root HUB” (on the bottom), and went to power management. I unchecked “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” I plugged everything in I need to race and no disconnects yet. Now I’ll have to actually race.

I did see a general fault using usbview, but I’m going to ignore that for now, considering it didn’t look like a fault at the hub the 5K+ was plugged into.


Thanks for the tip! (20 chars)

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Hopefully I save some people a few hours! Added it into my review too just in case.

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Nevermind, it didn’t work…still getting disconnects. It just doesn’t happen immediately. I got a few laps in until it started acting up again.

I always recommend this method in my topic, set in steamvr too, disable power management.

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Does this (SteamVR power saving disable) need to be clicked every time SteamVR boots up?

I do only once time.

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Well…my problem still happens, just not as often as before.

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I get this problem too, 5k+ just gone dark and shown a red light. I’m not sure what causes this but I will try to see if there is a solution as well.

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Try to contact @Doman.Chen he help me to set something too.

After that


Try to remove othet device from usb too.

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I would guess that could be the problem, that you aren’t using any front-case USB ports. Each USB controller in your computer has limited bandwidth, so when you are using lots of USB devices, you want them split up between USB controllers. So some plugged into USB 2, some USB 3, some in back and some in front.

The number of items you have listed seems way too high for a typical system. Do you really have a high number of built-in ports and/or attached USB hubs?

I noticed the issue first occur when I plugged stuff into my front USB ports. Maybe I’ll start splitting them up again.

You may see the same thing if you click View --> Show hidden devices. Here’s what it looks like normally:

I remember someone on the forum having similar issues, then he found a powered USB hub to plug the Pimax and he had no issue anymore, maybe worth a try if you have one.

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I don’t have too many hidden devices as you can see below:


I moved all my devices to my usb 2.0 ports and only left 5k+ on a usb 3.1 type C port and keyboard on a usb 3.0 port. Played robo recall for 20mins no black out yet.

this may have solved the problem, will report back if i experience black out once again.

going back in for more testing, trying to determine if this is a usb bandwidth problem

(using crosshair 6 hero as motherboard)

update: 35mins of superhot (where i had multiple frequent blackouts) robo recall (blackout before i could finish a level) space pirate trainer (where i got blackout within 5mins). no blackout yet. going back to test more

update 2: Started Lone Echo for a bout 30mins, and no blackout yet.

update 3: another 30mins in robo recall. no black out, so i am going to assume its fixed for now, Those games I tried were the ones that I repeatedly run into blackouts and green light turned to red. mostly within minutes.

perhaps you guys try different USB ports like i did, maybe some USB controller just suck at its job.


I am not sure if that would fix the problem, but maybe getting a power supply with greater watts could help. It seems to be an insufficient power problem.