For those who received lighthouses from the pledge (or order) from Pimax

It seems there is a recurring pattern of problems the people who received the lighthouses from Pimax face. This post will address some:

Only one lighthouse is tracking

(one is solid blue and one is blinking in PiTool)

This is because both the lighthouses are configured for channel #1. v2 lighthouses are capable of running on one of 16 channels (numbered 1-16). The only requirement is that all active ones must be on different channels.

To confirm that you can run SteamVR and check a pop up above the Lighthouse or you can use hmdq tool (which displays the channel number as “Mode” property).

Switching the channel is possible through the pin hole on the back side. One click moves the channel one up.

The LED is white, while SteamVR support says it should be green

It seems that the lighthouses Pimax is distributing are coming with an archaic firmware 2001, which manifests itself with: blue = LH booting up, white = running/stand-by. The latest firmware available through SteamVR is 3008, which uses different color codes: blue = booting-up/stand-by, green = running.

EDIT: Another difference is in appearance. The lighthouses Pimax distributes read “SteamVR” on the backside and have an additional connector for the sync cable, while the ones Valve is selling have “Valve” on the back and no connector. “SteamVR” lighthouses are 0x0009000e hardware rev, while "Valve"s are 0x0009000f.

The only supported way to upgrade the firmware is by using an “officially” supported SteamVR headset (with officially supported BT LE controller), i.e. Index, Vive Pro, etc.

While SteamVR will tell you that your Index controller needs an update, it will not tell you that your v2 lighthouse needs an update, if you are not using the supported headset (with the right BT LE controller), even if the FW upgrade is available. Using 3rd party BT LE dongle will not help.

I was able to upgrade mine (while using Vive Pro) to the FW 3008 and would recommend to anyone to do the same, because the latest firmware has the BT LE implementation much more polished. On the other hand, even if you do not upgrade, the LHs should be usable. Just keep in mind to mention it to SteamVR support if you need to talk to them.

v2 LH remote control (over BT LE)

First thing I would like to emphasize is that the lighthouses (both v1 and v2) do not need BT LE to operate correctly. The headset receives the tracking data and the LH’s telemetry from the lighthouse either by an IR transmission (v1) or modulated on a laser (v2).

What does not work without BT LE is the power management and the channel configuration. There is a separate thread about how to access the lighthouses over BT LE (without the approved headset, or SteamVR built-in support) here (

For v2 lighthouses there has been solutions posted by @nouser2019 (in the OP of the thread) or by @karajzk (

I am not aware of any solution for the firmware upgrade though.


Indeed though were also using SteamVR v2.0 Lighthouses vs the revised version which are labeled on back as Valve v2.0 lighthouses and have a different case that doesn’t have the unused optical link cable port.

It would be interesting to know if updating tge firmware on these older models would change status led colors.

It does. I just did an update on mine from 2001 to 3008 using Vive Pro.

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Awesome so we still need Pimax to come up with a method so we can update these lighthouses. As we know from what others have stated Valve says to not update via lh rear usb port.

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We also need Pimax to update the firmware for those of us that are not tech smart.

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Ha, I just sold my old Vive headset yesterday… Typical…


Definitely a bigger issue then advertised. Firmware updates are important to fix issues and improve hardware. It would be like saying you don’t need to update pimax firmware.

Last year or maybe a bit longer. Valve had to push an update out to Lighthouse tracking due to how fast Beatsaber expert players were able to move.

What is curious is why these “new Lighthouses” are using such an old and a very early firmware as noted by numbers and status leds.

Valve themselves have said the changes between 2001 and 3008 shouldn’t effect Pimax headsets. I completely understand the thought process that if it’s a newer firmware version it must somehow be better but Valve has said we shouldn’t be concerned about it.

For instance one series of updates revolved around assisting the Index headset enter into a sleep state but that isn’t supported by other brand headsets.

If someone can provide a compelling technical reason (something beyond turning a white led to blue etc.) that we can discuss with Valve where we would need to enable this functionality we are happy to revisit that discussion with them.


If it was the original Vive (not Vive Pro), you would not be able to use it for the upgrade anyway. It seems to work only with the v2 LH enabled headsets (I also have OG Vive, but had not luck at communicating with the lighthouses).


Updates are important. If pimax is going to use lighthouses. This needs to be fixed. As mentioned some updates resolve around fixes for more than just Valve and Vive headsets. Pimax needs to stop brushing this aside.

One could argue that Steam updates are not needed and would solve pimax and others issues of broken compatibility. So one should freeze all software updates except pimax software. A very weak argument.

You can’t claim full steamvr compatibility using steamvr tracking and devices if your not going to resolve simple firmware updating. Some of those LH updates could be for fixing IC and Trackers issues.


This issue has been brought up multiple times between our engineering teams and the fact Valve has told us these particular lighthouse firmware updates would not effect Pimax headsets positively or negatively.

Your argument is a non sequitur as most of your arguments often are because SteamVR updates are fundamental in countless ways and affect all aspects of operation YET the firmware update you compared it to Valve advises would have no effect on Pimax headsets.

Once again if someone has a compelling technical reason we can bring to Valve we are happy to revisit this with them once again.

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Pimax should be making there product fully steamvr compatible.

Or did you miss the Road To VR article (@benz145) regarding Lighthouse tracking firmware had to be updated due to how fast Expert Beatsaber players could move. Stop downplaying issues and try to be helpful for a change.

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We want pimax to succeed, don’t you?

Valve is providing advice on this issue. Nothing to downplay.

Third try - if anyone has a specific Pimax related technical reason we can bring to Valve we will do so. So far each reason we have provided them they said would not affect our headsets.

It has already been proven with the Beatsaber related lighthouse update that for future proofing compatibility pimax needs to have this fixed. So why are you intent on not wanting a fairly simple issue fixed?

As a side note a real reason to fix is simple. Fixing this will also allow pimax headset owners (wait for it)… Control the lighthouses without needing to use work a rounds(hacks) to power up and down(like other real steamvr headsets). Meaning ease of use for customers.

Folks have been interested in this since the KS when folks asked about a breakout box for this purpose.

I know myself and others would be willing to purchase and have stated it.

Maybe this is none of my business but, as a Pimax customer who reads this forum daily, I find the name-calling in this thread on an official Pimax forum and including a Pimax employee and mod, disturbing. To me as a customer, this is not a good look at all.

Come on, guys! Can we try to do better?


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Why did not support know this, sent in my lighthouses without needing that then.


Thank you DrWilken & @davidmi58 . I have fixed my posts that participated as shouldn’t have let myself drop to that level.

Imho those flags should have been validated as your right.


Well it should minimally be updated for led status lights alone; so when trying to troubleshoot alone or with Steam Support the Status lights match condition codes(Why Valve decided to change this is annoying; especially if they are telling pimax at this time the Updates will not affect a non steamvr headset).

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Support should know this and say its nothing wrong with white light :frowning:

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