For a so called top VR tech release Pimax really does not look good

  • Massive delays in getting the tech finished despite promising it was in production a year ago.
  • Lies to the customers (stating 2x face cushions will be included in each box for example)
  • Poor communications (ignoring threads were so many people are asking for help). The majority of times PimaxUSA responds to posts is to call the poster out and tell them they are wrong because Pimax is awesome. Does the guy have any sense of self reflection and awareness of how pathetic this makes him look?
  • Technical problems with so many units. (low sweet spot, poor IPD adjust for example)
  • Very poor audio solution for a “premium” headset
  • Poor comfort. I’ve seen quite a few thread on people modding their $1000 HMD and this just shouldn’t need to happen.
  • The vast majority of threads on the official forum are negative in nature.
  • Pimax as a company seen in an extremely negative light by the top VR and PC tech sites.

Surely I can’t be the only one to notice and even worry that the vast majority of “reviews” of 8KX are actually more negative than positive? That most of the threads being created are complaints about “issues” from technical problems to delivery problems?

I have been a PC tech enthusiast since 1990 and I have never seen such a poorly handled “premium” tech release ever. Where are all the mainstream reviews, where are all the glowing endorsements from wowed users saying Pimax are awesome?

It’s just pathetic and sad to be honest. This release is not doing Pimax any favours and the thing is it all happened before and Pimax are just not learning a thing from their repeated failures.

Has the overused cliché, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” ever been more apt than when it comes to Pimax?


I’m kind of getting tired of all this tbh. Pimax was just a group of engineers that wanted to make something special and had to quickly grow and learn into a company. The product they produced is pretty remarkable for the size that they are. I hate when I see people refer to pimax as “lazy” and such when they have absolutely no idea what goes in to making something like this and mass producing it. Then to take something made by this small company and compare it against names like HTC valve and Facebook and HP is unrealistic.
If you don’t like it then don’t buy it


The 8KX definitely has it’s issues when it comes to getting the right fit for a nice clear picture and some people are never able to get that right fit, but for me personally it is giving me an excellent experience now that I’ve gotten it dialed in. I like it more than any other headset that I’ve had and I’ve basically had all of the ones that were in a consumer price range. The sound is definitely the weakest link for me, but even that is okay for now until the DMAS is released. I really think the DMAS should have been standard for a headset at this price range but it is what it is. Pimax as a company definitely has a lot of growing to do when it comes to how they operate, but the headset itself is actually very nice IMO.

I actually don’t think there have been more negative reviews than positive from the actual users of the headset. Its just that the negative reviews get more attention and responses. I recently wrote a review of my experience and it didn’t get a single response.


Actually, the vast majority of 8KX reviews on this forum have been overwhelmingly positive. But the headset is not perfect and any other headset has its own flaws as well.


This thread OP is a deliberately written hit piece that lacks objectivity balance and nuance. I also have noticed that those getting their 8kX have been for the most part positive, it’s clear the OP has not been frequenting these forums and is stating his own opinion as fact. Mixing in truths and falsehoods to choose a narrative that is biased in one polarizing direction.

Pimax has had a rough time getting to where it is now and has had it’s share of problems getting here. But warts and all people are in general finding something positive with the newest 8KX headgear release despite it’s long delay.

I myself just got my 8kX two weeks ago and have been impressed with it so far, it’s not perfect but it is better than all my previous VR headsets so far. I would say I am pleased with it overall and when I have had more time with it I will likely add my experience here as others on this forum have already done.


Right, no headset is perfect. The 8KX’s resolution and FOV are great. I like my 8KX a lot, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s an enthusiast HMD which needs some customization (and a powerful GPU) to reach its full potential.

I’m a lot happier with mine, now that I’ve added counterweights. I also added a bit more padding and I’m using my own headphones. Hopefully, the DMAS will be good, in which case I can avoid the (small) hassle of wearing headphones over the headset.


The problem is guys and gals, nobody out there gives a crap if you all think Pimax are “doing their best” and that for “you” the problems are fine once you “spend days to dial it in” or mod it to make it work. Ironically you are actually proving my point here.

Butosai, Pimax may be a small company but that does not excuse the atrocious support and outright lies. Next pointless point?

Oh right acegamer with his “yeah the audio on my premium HMD sucks” but that’s OK. No it really isn’t because Pimax promised audio close to Index quality and you got nothing close.

demel642, sorry but I have eyes and the forum is full of negativity.

For Pimax to become much more mainstream and successful they need to fix these issues ASAP. Poor communication and quality control problems are not a good look when people come here to “research” the 8KX.

So boohoo, you are sick of the negative press Pimax get, well tough crap because Pimax are a joke in the VR world.

Where are the mainstream press reviews?
Why are so many people having problems?
Why does a premium HMD have crap audio and quality issues? Or need DIY fixes to resolve issues that shouldn’t exist?
Pimax communications and support are a joke. This cannot be disputed.
Where are your promised multiple face cushions? Did you have to log a ticket to get one?

It’s sad but Pimax suck as a company and only they can fix that.


what a bold statement though.

it’s the only HMD which offers big FOV & I believe it’s the only point that sells this HMD.

overall it’s low-mid range HMD but they tried to achieve what others didn’t want - FOV & resolution which always delayed a lot until competitors provide something equal or better (G2 atm but it’s top PPD HMD atm & Pimax if not equal then is close to it.)

all other properties are KO/not that good as on other HMDs but ppl use it coz there are no good alternatives. So it’s not a joke & can offer good leisure time if you know how to use it & it offers unique feature which other manufactures don’t.

& FOV is one of the main reasons why everybody has so lot of hassle with this HMDs, coz it’s canted & canted optic is different to commonly used one + software not polished due to that it’s not supported by mainstream & they have to hack it all ways they need, but in this department I guess they did good & it’s usable not hassle free but usable.

Pimax is OK for ppl who wants sense of speed (coz the wider FOV the faster image pass through the driver on periphery) or whom eye relief head prop is different than majority & they perceive much less FOV than usually ppl do with mainstream HMD (toilet rolls syndrome). Also it’s quite open for modding.

Im a OLED fanboy & if Pimax had ok OLED HMD (XR just too bad IMO due to SDE & dullness) I would use it as daily driver, but instead I use it sometimes for simulators. Just hate LCD HMDs, but it’s not about Pimax I also don’t use Index due to this reason although index has better colours then Pimax but it’s still LCD with a lot of jagged edges, poor contrast, cold temperature (adjustable but crushes colours).

to recap, don’t need FOV & resolution with pack of hassle (mostly solvable but not all & some of it has to be done on a regular basis) avoid Pimax & be happy - if you though need it - well you have no alternatives at all, Star VR 3500 & not compatible with many applications it’s total nightmare for non developer user, but it’s closest alternative though to the Pimax atm. You can buy 5k+ which is the most decent HMD after 8kX for about 450-500$ form ebay in ideal condition which is a fair price.
And this is well known recipe for newcomers for wide FOV VR.

I recently bought 8k (OG) & got pissed by it as its my 3rd Pimax HMD & while 5k+ & XR were ok this one just was awful for me, the contrast & overall picture quality, I so hoped pentile will do benefit there +I wanted to check how SDE would look like if Pimax go with 8k Oled & SDE is more or less ok, I guess it’s same level as Vive Pro, but the image itself is very poor quality even worse than 5k+ for me in terms of contrast & overall image quality, so I don’t believe anymore that new Pimax will get better image quality apart of resolution which isn’t the main problem for me but not the least (Onward range shooting).

They have good opportunity to do a excellent HMD but they don’t listen to critic (lenses/optics (no need to avoid canting but they can do better lenses design & decrease MIN inter lenses circles centres distance), + OLED displays or good LCD at least like in G2 - but it’s not achievable for them until they contract third party)) I believe they listed to OLED demand but then did so $hitty OLED implementation (although pure black is awesome featue) so ppl stopped buy it & they assumed there s no demand, but there is, they just didn’t do it right.

Regarding quality issues - don’t worry it will gt fixed eventually as with 5k+, but you bakers will be used to do so & you pay for it, first iterations always problematic, if you want to avoid frustration don’t bake it, buy it once forums report from real persons are ok like fixed hinges, 2 foams, right eye focus, lenses IPD adjustment slack, panels light leackage, dead pixels, strong MURA & lot of other points). Sorry bakers, I know it’s a shame but who bakes it gots the most amount of problems, until ppls get really angry & Pimax fixes it, they always rush, they fail over & over again but in the end we have not a bad HMD, but new releases are often painfull.


Pimax is the Alfa Romeo of the VR industry.
There aren’t many of them available on ebay so a certain kind of people consider their HMD’s worth keeping.

I’d be curious what a VRgineers consumer headset would be like if they had produced one, like they were thinking about. Probably heavy and expensive.


What? I’m a long term Alfa driver and now I own a Pimax. What does that say about me?


That you’re willing to look beyond the mainstream products, to find something that suits you? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Pimax (as a company) has quite a few problems. However, they are offering a VR headset with features you can’t get anywhere else, so I will support them, as long as they are trying to improve. I think they are doing that. I want them to succeed, so that they will continue to improve their drivers, so that I can enjoy my 8KX for years to come.


But the problem is Pimax are their own worst enemies with continual failure to show any signs of improving as a company.

Lies (or at best outright ineptitude). Where are the multiple face cushions promised, or the Index like audio? Ignoring support issues, poor quality, poor support, poor communications.

The Pimax official forum is full of people creating threads about issues and I have not seen one single review that was 100% positive, there is always a “but”.

Here is a quick screen capture of the main 8KX forum at the time I am writing this post. The negative threads are highlighted and easily outnumber the neutral threads and there are zero positive threads. Even the one asking “Who is happy with the 8KX” was created because someone was wondering why so much negativity.

  • Audio issues
  • Comfort issues
  • People modding the audio or face cushions because they are poor out of the box.
  • Alignment issues
  • delivery issues

None of the above should happen on a premium priced HMD and the usual lack of response from Pimax is regrettably all too common.


don’t be so nitpicky if you looks through the forums & get that impressions it doesn’t mean all that bad but ppl just have that or another problems, same with index & any other HMDs but in different degree.

Valve wasn’t good release - index thumbstiks, speakers low sound, thumbstick drift now, vertical lines ripple many other problems


Always in life, I find what I enjoy and works for me, and after that I don’t care what the rest of mainstream society thinks, half of them are clueless idiots anyway.

I’m a thrash metal fan and electro musician. I don’t care what most people think is good music. I’m a Subaru driver, I don’t care that most people want a BMW or Audi because it’s ‘premium’.

Find what you like, enjoy it, forget about what other people think, and don’t court opinion - especially on social media - to support your perspective to justify yourself. Just do it and get on with life. It’s too short to be worrying about getting the world’s approval for everything you want to do.

If you don’t like Pimax, fine just buy something else. What do you hope to achieve? That Pimax will see this and cry? That you’ll turn the business around? That other forum users will think twice? I don’t think any of that will happen, sorry. Everything you have said has already been discussed 1000 times before. Most people are owners here, we all know what the problems are already.


Index was released a few years ago now and has become established as THE goto HMD. So Valve fixed their issues in a very short time considering it was their first HMD. This is what a smart and efficient company does, it takes heed of feedback and issues and fixes them because they know failing to do so will drive customers away. Does driving customers away and failure to improve remind you of any company we know? I’ll give you a clue, it start with P and ends with X and it isn’t Pyrex.

Having an 8 week delay because of demand is nowhere near the same as having a 1 year delay due to ineptitude or outright lies.

Ironically Valve are new hands at this compared to Pimax who had the Pimax 4K, Pimax 5K+ and Pimax 8K HMDs before the Index existed. Yet Pimax have regressed in so many ways and failed to show any improvements as a company in the time the INdex was introduced and became the standard for all HMDs to be judged against. Incidentally I preferred my Pimax 5K+ over the Index from a technical perspecitve but from an overall experience the Index was far superior (comfort, quality, software, support etc).

If I can lose Pimax a single sale form my posts then I will have succeeded in my aim. To warn people not to buy from Pimax.

I have already succeeded in turning away at least one Pimax 8KX buyer on another form and it’s not because I am being petty, it’s because the truth is the overall Pimax experience is poor.

there are also companies that do not capture the customers’ conviction with prototypes. then hard work on production for ages. to deliver the devices after years without quality control. and these devices are far
from the prototypes. Lenses, eyetracker, headstrap. Modularity, Compatibility.
if pimax does not manage to improve its products, I will change my buying behavior.
even if the 8kx was delivered and working without any problems. only in this case the price would be justified.


Don’t you have better things to do with your time than to troll this forum? You’ve written a whole novel in this thread.

Since you’ve made so many accusations, it would take forever to respond to them all. I will say though that despite Pimax having issues as a company, they are the only ones willing to take risks and push VR forward with wide FOV and 4K resolution. I and many others on this forum love the 8KX. This is the new standard. The Index is now an entry level headset. Nothing can even compare to the 8KX. The fundamentals of the 8KX are there (resolution, fov, etc), if we want to improve the peripherals (comfort, sound, etc) then we can.

No company gets everything right straight out of the box. The Quest 2 comes with a crappy head strap so they could price it cheaper. It also only has 3 levels of ipd adjustment, many complaints about that. Lots of complaints about requiring a FB account to use it. Problems with oculus link cable quality, etc. So let’s now completely trash Facebook and say that everything they’ve made is crap. And yet the Quest 2 now has better visuals than an Index and is portable.

Troubleshooting something or finding solutions is not negative. Most people are too busy enjoying their headset to bother posting in this forum. That’s why the results look skewed.

Here’s the Quest 2 forum full of negative posts.

By the way, Pimax sent me the thick foam along with the eye tracking shipment. But I prefer the thin foam anyway.


What a troll…
This whole shtlod of negativity isn’t even worth the 20 Characters I’m asked to put in.


Nice way to twist what I said…I in no way said that the audio “sucks”, because it doesn’t. As I said the sound is “okay” meaning that it is not as good as what I had with my Index but that it will do until the DMAS is released. Pimax promised that the DMAS was Index quality and we don’t know yet if that will be true or not. My point was that the DMAS should have been standard with the headset but that does not automatically imply that the SMAS audio “sucks”.

None of this really matters though because you’ve already made your agenda clear now so I understand what your goal is here. Carry on with the crusade.