Flashing pixels ? Is my headset faulty?


Just got my pimax. I noticed that left screen in the middle on the top have around 10 pixels that flashes white. They go back to normal color but are flashing like crazy… is this headset damaged?



Ok I did more tests.

here is video showing the issue

I did 2 tests

2k and 1920p test. If I render in 1920p the pixels jump to right. So it looks like its not fixed pixels. But they change depending on resolution. It could be that its software?

Here is my timer screen from Steam

Can any1 help me out? Is this hardware and I need to RMA or software?

It feels that these pixels are offseted. Like 50 pixels up. And getting data from wrong part of image… as if I move lower/higher they change color and so on. Any hints?

They seem to not flash in direct mode…

Does the pixels flash i other programs in the mode your using?

With it not doing it in direct mode; sounds like its probably the program

Flash in elite dangerous and project cars. Don’t flash in direct mode watching MPC movie. I now restart pc installed latest nvidia drivers but I got red led and no more HMD :frowning:

Elite Dangerous & project cars if its the steam version your pimax should be in direct mode (pimax mode)

I am not running nvidia but @lukeb is & also plays elite dangerous.

Not sure on hmd isssue. Try rebooting & unplug usb n replug

As Heliosurge says, I have a NVIDIA GTX-1080 and play Elite Dangerous, however apart from the occasional flash due to the defogging (I think), I haven’e noticed any other flashing pixels.

Red LED typically points to PiServicesLauncher hasn’t started (I get that sometimes after a pc re-boot).

Check in Task Manager if PiServicesLauncher is running. If stopped, right click and start it and hopefully it’ll work.

I now tried 3 different Piplay versions and nvidia drivers. Its Overheating headset I think. As when I start it the screen is clean and then within 2-5 min pixels start to appear. I think its just faulty unit. Will rma it.

Thanks for help!