(Fixed) 3090 - 8KX panels off in 90 Hz mode investigation + working DP extension cable options (3/4/5m)

I read somewhere that the firmware they are working on not only addresses the 90hz but it has other features too. I’m wondering what they are if someone is able to say. If it’s secrete I understand.


I dont know of any other features


I thought it was the new version of PiTool that had the new features in addition to the 90Hz.

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It’s the combination between pitool and the new firmware that is required.


I have ordered three new DisplayPort cables to try out with the Lindy 38415 repeater.

Supra cables (Swedish brand) are known to be very high quality cables and they offer an 8K/144Hz (3m) cable:

I have ordered 3m, 4m and 5m cables as a local shop has a “Buy&Try” option so it’s 100% OK to return the product(s) within 30 days as long as they’re in good shape and the packaging isn’t damaged.

Though it’s only the 3m cable that officially supports 8K/144Hz I would think that the 4m or maybe even 5m versions will work too (fingers crossed)… :slight_smile:


I have the same issue of black panels at 90 Hz on my RTX 3080 TI and Nvidia 471.11. Are they working to fix it? Do I need to open a ticket? I will appreciate you help.



Just moved Your post to the correct topic… :wink:

As You can read in this topic, it works for me using a firmware which was provided by support.

You can either wait for it’s release or ask @PimaxUSA if You can test the firmware (*r2fc82b7.dfu) too.

You can also open a ticket and they will probably ask You to collect logs and send them and might offer You to test the firmware as they did with me.


I have also rtx 3080 ti - just arrived. So it works with latest nvidia driver 471.11 or older one?

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Latest drivers… :+1:

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UPDATE on the Supra cables… :slight_smile:

The 3m version (8K/144Hz) works with 90Hz and the Lindy 38415 repeater.

The 4m and 5m did show an image shortly but cut out (I’ll test them more throughly later today).

I only tested very briefly as I’m at work - a few minutes on the 4m and 5m cables and like 5 minutes on the 3m one

EDIT: Have now had the 5m cable connected through the Lindy repeater for half an hour with Pimax Experience running and it’s still on… :slight_smile: These cables are amazing quality it seems!

EDIT2: I have (had) other issues related to the headset cutting out (i.e. powering off) and they are seemingly caused by a bad connection as I can make the headset cut out by gently wiggling the cable at the headset end (this wasn’t a huuge issue for me and I only found out by trying to check if that cable was bad but it might also cause a bit of signal degredation). Pimax has agreed to an RMA as it’ll only get worse with time if it’s a bad solder… Great service! :slight_smile:


Hi good Doctor

So what’s the total amount of $$ for the Lindy repeater and a Supra Cable 5 Meter ?

I feel there might be a need for a 10 Meter version of the Pimax Optical cable (I would personally purchase one asap) :smiley: so we can be sure there are no bad experiences with the Highend HMD’s as the 8KX due to bad combination of hardware needed to extend the cable.


Price is as follows:

  • Lindy DP Repeater (38415): 491,20 DKR
  • Supra 8K/60Hz 5m cable: 679,00 DKR
  • Active USB 3.0 extension cable 5m: ~ 150 DKR
  • Active USB 2.0 extension cable 5m: ~ 100 DKR

Total: 1420,20 DKR ~ $ 228 ~ € 191

The 6m Pimax optical cable costs € 119 so the question is if they can integrate the repeater chip needed for the USB3 connection into it and still stay below that price.

EDIT: I haven’t seen the optical cable myself, but being 6m I’m pretty sure it must already have some kind of amplification for the USB part (or maybe that’s also sent via fiber) since USB 3 cables can’t normally be 6m long without being “active”.

I would think that the cable would need power somewhere along the way, preferably closer to the PC than the headset of course … :slight_smile:


I’ve tried Today first time 90 hz with new firmware and latest nvidia 471.11 drvers. Started my test in Assetto Corsa Competzione and was playable but picture inside HMD blinks evry 5~7 sec. I have club 3d DP 2m extension cable pluged to my RTX. Need to try without it.


There’s a firmware that works with the latest drivers now?


I believe it is an in-house alpha that has only been released to a small number of people for testing. Hopefully it will be more widely available soon.


Its not a small group. Its a beta and theyre giving it to anyone who asks for it


I would say internal alpha and its far from perfect . Not stable. In my case I see sparkling pixels inside viewer even at 75hz and ocassional blinks in 90 hz .After some test reverted back to previous build.

Edit : 90 hz is working perfect now :slight_smile: Flashed alpha firmware once again but this time I’ve rolled out DP connection between HMD and my new RTX 3080ti Palit GameRock Oc card. Apparently, in my GFX card DP nr. 3 has the strongest signal and now it’s working even with Club3d 8k60hz 2m extension cable. No issues like before - sparks and blinking !


I’m not sure, but I think you’re referring to the beta PiTool software, which has been shared with ~10 people. The 8KX alpha firmware has only been shared with 1 person. That’s what I remember from the forum discussions, so I could be wrong.

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Alpha firmware has been shared with more than one… :slight_smile:

There are two versions being tested.

First one (built in May) was tested by quite a lot of people according to Kevin.

Not sure about the 2nd one (built recently) but I know we are at least a few who have tested it.


Its the firmware - not pitool - and theres a bunch testing the latest one from last week.