First time setup of Samsung Odyssey+

I would say that the initial setup of OD+ was fairly easy but there were a few issues that popped up. The issues are easy to fix (assuming you have the following info).

For the most part you can just follow the directions that come in the box. However, they don’t give much troubleshooting advice and their description of the controllers can be a little vague. I think their may have been some information missing from the paper manual that was included in the online manual but maybe I just skipped a page.

The OD+ is a WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) headset and I am unsure of its compatibility with other OSes. I am using the latest build of Windows 10 Pro and make no guarantees that these instructions will work for other OSes.


  1. Plug in the OD+ to your computer. The “Mixed Reality Portal” app should open automatically (this is a Windows app and is probably already installed).

  2. Just follow directions in the portal/manual.


Controller Issues
If you have issues connection the controllers, then run “Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Setup” (it should already be installed on your PC, just like WMR) and follow the instructions there. Make sure that the controllers are

  • On (hold the controller’s Windows button for two seconds, the lights on the ring should turn on)
  • In pairing mode (hold down the button in the battery compartment until the lights start blinking)

If they still won’t pair, then turn off any other bluetooth sources you might have (ie phone, PC, etc) and try again.

Giving credit where it is due


In the Steam store find and install the “Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR” app. That’s it.

There are a few quirks to look out for in SteamVR. I would say that, just like when using the Rift, that it is a good idea to open the 3rd party program (ie Oculus Home, WMR portal) before attempting to run SteamVR. Just put on the headset (it should open the WMR portal) and then start your game. I had an issue where SteamVR crashed when I tried to start it first and that required me to restart Steam entirely.


If you, like many others, find the headset to be extremely uncomfortable I have a tip for you. All you have to do is remove the original face foam and the HMD is 100x more comfortable. It isn’t even necessary to get replacement foam (except to block external light) but here is an acceptable replacement.

The biggest issue is that your eyes will be VERY close to the lenses (aka you should expect to get oil on the lenses from your eyelashes, don’t even think about wearing glasses). I would recommend applying a lens protector as described here.