First Test Pimax 8K

Not really a review as such but, with a little playing around I got Steam VR Room which looked nice, Il2 BoX going which looks great in VR and Assetta Corsa as well which again looked great.

Not sure of frames except for Il2 and with PiTool at 1 and Steam VR at 100, I was sitting on 30 to 40 fps. This was on a Gigabyte Aero 15X which runs a 1070 Max-Q GPU.

I found that looking around the cockpit in flight the motion was smooth. I have to get some controllers here as I didn’t bring mine from OS with me and then see how flying is.

I will also see how PiTool render at 0.75 looks as well and what that does for frames.

Il2 was running Ultra settings with AA off and Draw Distance at 100km. As stated, looking around the cockpit seemed a smooth experience even at low fps as reported in game compared to using OpenTrack with a IR tracking setup on a large monitor.

Very happy and with BrainWarp, I think things will be great.:+1:


IL-2 will be my go to game and I also have a 1070. I am willing to upgrade my GPU if needed but thought I would wait until I’ve tried the 8K on what I have. Things keep changing so time will tell. Ultra setting on a laptop, I’m impressed.

I don’t think from that last sentence that he is actually using brainwarp… but instead speculating that once brainwarp becomes available it will improve things.

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Yes, the BrainWarp mention was just speculation. It will help but at the moment I do not have access to the feature.

Re Ultimate vs High or Medium settings in Il2 BoX, I find there isn’t much loss of fps going between them. The biggest hit for me is clouds and then there is the cloud pixalation issue if you run them at anything lower than high.

PiTool render setting set at 0.5
SteamVR application resolution adjustment set at 50%
Il2 ingame AA set at x2

Gives 50+ frames with clouds.
Can boost the res adjustment in steamVR without AA but it is much of a muchness.

Trying to workout how to get resolutions on the Pimax screens to correspond to the screen resolution abilities. The 8K screens are supposed to be 4k with 2k upscaled. I would love to be able to feed either 1k (1080p) or 2k (1440p) per eye to the headset but it seems impossible in SteamVR.

I would assume by using 1k or 2k there would be less artifacting on the per eye screens of the Pimax. It does so on a normal monitor and all these HMD’s are 2x monitors in a housing.

Would it be possible to set SteamVR to those res settings via some setting text?

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ok reading SteamVR requires a res multiplication factor of 1.4 to deal with lens distortion.

Oh well, not sure what the factor is for Pimax. Be nice to have idea as to settings like Pitool render at 0.75 and Steam at 50% or 100% what factor that gives.

Testing continues. The large FOV is great but I might stich with Normal for now.

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