Finaly I receive 8k but

After 7 month from waiting finaly I recevie my pimax 8k but only headset my order was wirh Pimax Base Station and Wireless Controllers with Thumbstick and Trackpad (Deposit) - Left Thumbstick *1 + Right Trackpad *1
Pimax please tell me what can i do with it without remote play and basestation can i take pic with it only
I want play now how how how how .

please read the faq…

What do you think “deposit” means?
That you would receive the controllers and base stations and pay the rest at some point later?

I already paid for all items

What is that…

frequently asked questions. But its actually not available…
You will get your controllers when they´re ready. Mid/end of this year.

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You needed to read your purchase carefully. Controllers & Lighthouses are not available. As said if your a pre order it said deposit.

In the meantime turn off Lighthouse Tracking 2nd tab under hmd in pitool.

Complete Room setup on main pitool page. Click through til you can manually enter height.

Then enjoy any seated experiences with a gampad. (I am waiting as well for release of other items)

WarRobotsVR is a free short game demo.

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So can i play with gamepad only
If yes please how

Launch game from pitool or steam desktop.

Game needs to support gamepad.

Vector 36

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did you ever used steam before? games have indicators what is supported, you might look for vr and gamepad or keyboard/mouse, you can use the search in steam to find games fitting your needs

btw. there is also a pitool manual titled as tutorial, same place where you find pitool

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You backed a Kickstarter project, it‘s not a purchase of readily available commodities in stock. As you say, you had to wait for many months until you received your headset, and the other parts unfortunately will take even longer. This was openly communicated by Pimax from the start (save for the dates, which kept shifting). That‘s Kickstarter… now you know and you can consider the next time you find a Kickstarter project compelling…

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The other items you put money towards will arrive later in the year. They’re not ready to be shipped yet. You should be able to play some seated experiences though in the 3dof mode while you wait for the other items to get there.