Finally XR arrives in the outback

Backer 6164 HMD arrived today in pristine condition installed Pitool 109 no problems
although I find in IL-2 a green line running around the centre ,it’s not there on any of my other games to date Assetto Corsa ,PC2 DCS so I think it’s probably localizied to IL-2
I will investigate further.
The picture is very good,as I would expect the colours are awesome (coming from an
Odyssey is the reason I went for the 5K XR) no noticeable SDE so pretty happy its finally here.
Now I will put it back in it’s box until the LH’s and Headstrap/earphones and Thicker
Foam face piece’s arrive as the HMD as it stands is too uncomfortabe to wear.
It really is a shame that Pimax is treating us like mushrooms, keeping us in the dark in regard to up to date information on our purchases and feeding us B----S—t when they feel like it,they have a great product ,I obviously I wish them well but they NEED to communicate far more than they currently do or they will lose face and undo all that they have achieved so far,especially commercially.:relieved:


Just to confirm you are a backer? :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Yes Helio Cheers:grin:

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It’s going to be great once we can finally say finally all Backers have received their headsets. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Nice metaphor (20 char)

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Or a dad joke? Anyway, congrats @skellum

Thanks man:grin:plus twenty