Finally, I manage to buy Pimax Vision 8K X but?

I am following Pimax 8K since they started a Kickstarter campaign and always wanted to buy one but because of unbelievable custom + import fees (41%) of my country I was holding myself for a long time, But yesterday I got a chance to buy Pimax Vision 8K X from one of the USA shops with the help of my friend who is flying back on 9th Jan So I am very much excited because just a month ago I built my PC also with Ryzen 5800 X + RTX 3080 and 32 GB RAM. I already own Quest 2 and recently on 28th Dec I also received my HP Reverb G2 but I can only able to use it for a few hours because all of a sudden from nowhere it’s started showing an error 7-14 with my X570 mobo USB ports. I hope Pimax 8K X will also work out of the box as far as connectivity concern because I am fully aware of Pimax headsets need so much tweaking in Pitool for better results and I love to do these type of things so I hope there are no connectivity issues with Pimax 8K X like HP Reverb G2.

Okay so now the story of that “but” is I can only able to buy Pimax Vision 8K X Headset, not base station or any controller due to some reason however my most of the time spent in VR is for MFS 2020 and sim-racing + Watching Movies, etc. I have half lyf alex also on my steam but played only once on my Quest 2 then I got bored in it and since then I didn’t touch it :))


FLight sims are fine without base stations. The only thing you lose is the ability to lean over and look around struts and other obstructions. I’m waiting for my replacement base stations from Pimax, and I’ve been playing all my sims in no base mode. (can’t remember what it’s called.) They’re still awesome on the 8KX

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Looking forward to your sharing of 8KX!

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Hi tadnyarahul,

If you have any problems in the future, please feel free to contact us for help.


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