Finally a real use case for Hand Tracking

Im probably late to the game on thus, but hell it’s new to me so It might be new for some of you.

I know the above video he is using a quest via Virtual Desktop.(which is a shocker in its own right, I never knew hand tracking coukd be accessed via streaming in a standard way)

but upon further investigation this works with Leap Motion as well!

Finally my dreams of racing down the Wangan Highway in Japan in the rain while listening 90’s synthesized J-Rock in VR through traffic can cone true.

Lol. Seriously though this is the kind of thing all VR games should have if hand tracking were mire standardized.

I always suspected it was possible.


Few months ago Voodoo_De tried a Xtal (think it was Xtal) with similar tech in a flight sim and full cockpit, when you see this it is so obvious that hand tracking is ment to be used that way ^^


I really wonder how Guy Godin is pulling this off. I’m pretty sure oculus hasn’t enabled hand tracking to work via link.

So guy is using his app to forward the hand tracking data over to his streamer app on the other end.

But since the other end is using opener I assume he is emulation either the index controller fingers or he’s emulating the leap motion SDK.

I’m just wondering how standardized his approach is, and if it would work in any desktop app with hand tracking like Tinker Pilot