Feedback pimaxvr com EXPIRED!

I had an open ticket on

trying to update the answer, now it says


I went on the home page, but can’t login (my user and password was saved on local password manager, so it’s correct)

trying to reset my password, I get an email saying

This user account is managed in an external User Directory and JIRA is not able to update your password. Please contact your System Administrator if you have any further queries.

well, I return to the site and attempt to report the problem with the dedicated link, but…

Pimax, I love you, but sometimes, please, do something professional :wink:



It’s all right in my internet environment

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There will be a big banner telling You that Your license had expired after You login. At least that’s what I’m used to at work… :rofl:

Normally we renew it before it expires though as the banner is annoying… :grin:

now everything is working again, thanks