February 17, 2020 Update

February 17, 2020

Dear Pimax Enthusiasts,

Here is the latest update.

First, we are very saddened for those who have been personally affected by the CoronaVirus outbreak both here in China and people in countries where this has spread. This has not only affected a great deal of production in China, over 1,500 people have lost their lives and their families are forever effected by this tragic outbreak.

After having a number of meetings with our supply chain partners we are ready to disclose our initial findings. As is true for a great many companies across China our production lines have also been affected causing some parts to have additional leadtime and limited production staff with some partners.

We did resume work in our offices and normal locations on February 10th but with some government imposed restrictions, over 80% of us are set to work from home to avoid any risk of virus spreading.

This has resulted in some delays but our goal is to rapidly resume and even increase our production to try to make up for lost time. For the moment we have prioritized 8k+ and 8kX production over Artisan production in order to accelerate deliveries of those product lines. We will also make every other effort possible to further accelerate production as opportunities present themselves to do so.

Included with this notice we are releasing some information below that should give you some idea about what the level of delay for each product will likely be affected.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask us and we would like to offer all of you our profound THANKS for your continued support and pushing forward with our shared dream of amazing, immersive experiences.


8kX / Some materials are delayed for 3 weeks. Samples late march, first batch build expected April 2nd. We will advise further as we progress on ramping up this production with more information.

8k+ / Some materials are delayed but next batch back is back production today / February 17th.

Artisan / We are slowing down Artisan production to prioritize 8kX and 8k+ production. We will fully resume these at a later date.

MAS / Next sample sets end of February. Small batches in March, full ramp in end of April. Goal is very high volume production during the summer with numerous smaller batches deliveries leading up to summer.

Index Controllers and Base Station deliveries / We have these in stock and are resuming these shipments now.

Packaging / We must temporarily use the original packaging for the next deliveries of the 8k+.

Hand Tracking Module / We are currently in production on the first 100 sets of the hand tracking modules and we will be displaying this version at GDC 2020 with the initial shipments in April 2020.

Eye Tracking Module / We have continued to refine the eye tracking module and as this involves our partner we are still gathering information on the release. We were able to show a universal DFR driver at CES and are still refining both that and other features as well. We will advise further on this module soon once we have had more meetings with our partner.

God Bless Everyone

Have a nice day


En français - Translated by @Ludiks

La noticia en Español - Translated by @Cdaked


February 19, 2020

Dear Pimax Enthusiasts,

Artisan Housing Update:

We received some reports that some Artisan housings can be affected by the some of the same housing quality issues that were also reported within some production batches of our 5k+ headset. These issues include reports of chips on the edges and cracks that can develop over time.

We had largely resolved these issues in recent months with reports of this sort of issue occurring far less often. The original problem was resolved via a greatly improved fully automated protective painting process that eliminated errors during all stages of the process. In fact, the base material used for the housing is the same for all of our recent headsets.

In the days leading up to the Chinese New Year our resources were more limited and unfortunately the manufacture of the Artisan housings did not use the new automated painting processes instead these unfortunately used an entirely manual process utilizing less experienced staff. Furthermore during a manual process it requires the staff to completely remove corrosive materials between application stages and if this is not done flawlessly this too can cause the housing to become fragile.

The bottom line is in our zeal to ship the Artisan as soon as possible and with limited resources near CNY we resorted to manual fabrication and coating processes which clearly have caused some of the early housing quality issues to reappear and we deeply apologize for this poor de cision.


  1. Utilize our highly successful automated fabrication and coating processes we established recent headsets and NOT deviate from it again.

  2. We are offering any customer with an issue with their Artisan housing a replacement and we will accelerate the RMA process for any customer with this issue.

  3. If any Artisan customer does not wish to receive an RMA replacement, we are offering them a full refund.

We are very sorry for this mistake and take full responsibility for it. We will not repeat this mistake again and are committed to improving every quality aspect of our headsets moving forward. We offer our sincere thanks to those who have trusted us to provide them with the best VR experience and truly apologize for the bumps along the way.