Feature Request: Pitool Steam VR Overlay Integration

The issue I see the most people complain about is how cumbersome the Pimax software experience is. Lets say you launch a game, notice it needs Parallel Projection you then have to close down Steam VR take off your headset go into the Pitool Settings, change PP to on, relaunch Steam VR, put the headset back on. This cumbersome process has to be done for a number of things like changing FOV or other settings.

By implementing Pitool into Steam VR as an overlay one could easily access these settings from within VR via a single button press. Just have all the settings listed inside of an overlay and at the bottom of the overlay have a button named “Apply settings (Reboots HMD & Steam VR)”. Then the user can change the settings at anytime from within the headset and the worst thing he has to put up with is a few seconds of darkness while he waits for everything to restart.

A good example of programs using the Steam VR Overlay is Open VR Advanced Settings and Revive.


i support this idea. +1


i support this idea. +2


I imagine the steamvr restart should be able to be fixed if they can get settings transfered in memory for Steamvr & will likely come.

Pitool though itself will likely need to be seperate from steam due to Oculus title launch & compatability.

But a PiSteam Overlay Interface to access & change pitool related settings would be awesome!

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In my experience the HMD never needs rebooting after changing something in Pitool so it’s only SteamVR where it is maybe necessary.

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Its needed for changing HZ.

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Oh right, I have not yet tried that.

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SteamVR restart will always be necessary if Steam does not cooperate, but the restart is not a problem, I always do it in VR, from SteamVR Desktop, going to SteamVR options and Restart SteamVR. The headset flash for some seconds and SteamVR Home reappears

All we need is an API to access every PiTool function, a command line would be perfect, but also a dll as for SteamVR. With an API we could do everything by ourselves, even games profiles


Also, the default VR space scene looks very procdurally generated but always stays the same. I would love a new scene every time I boot the headset and be pleasantly surprised with what the random algorithms came up with

Great idea.

This would be a great feature to allow adjusting the new brightness and contrast sliders that they added in the newest beta version of Pitool. It would simplify adjusting them while wearing the headset.