Faulty KDMAS speaker pod adjustments?

I just received my KDMAS. I got it put together, but for some reason, the speaker pod does not move up and down as shown in the install video. It moves forward and back, but no way to get that pod where it should be near my ears. Neither speaker will move up or down. Is there a trick to this? Thanks for any help…take care…Eddie.

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I initially thought the speakers would not move up and down on the KDMAS either. It turned out to just require the sufficient application of force the first time or two. Push on the shaft itself.

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I tried again with a LOT of pressure on the stem. It won’t move. Both pods won’t move at all. I’m afraid to apply more pressure, as this thing is plastic. Maybe I should try a tiny bit of oil?

The pods themself do not move. The shaft should move a bit up where it is attached to the MAS.

When moved down you should see part of the groove the shaft sits in.

As shown below. If it doesn’t move. Might be an idea to file a ticket.


Christ, I’m stupid. Your pics showed mr I was pushing the unit the WRONG way. My first thought when seeing the speaker, it appered to me that it could only be moved one way. The wrong way. Thanks for the pics my friend…take care…Eddie.


Your quite welcome. Tbh I originally didn’t think there was any adjustment up & down.

Pimax should have included a pic like above. I still need to take moment and add these pics to MAS Guide in #guidebank

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After all my mistakes in getting the KDMAS fitting properly etc., I should have given my thoughts on how the KDMAS sound compared to the original SDMAS . The difference is night and day. Much better when in a flight sim like IL 2. Now I can gear wind noises, canopy opening and closing, gunfire etc. For the price, the KDMAS are a hell of a deal. I’m happy. Thanks for the responses guys and gals…take care…Eddie.

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Your very welcome Eddie!

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