Fallout 4 performance on Pimax recently?

I remember Sweviver saying a year or so ago that Fallout 4 was just too much for the Pimax headsets but that was before the improvements with Smart Smoothing. Anyone having any success playing it now - if so on what hardware and settings? In particular would be interested in anyone playing it on a 1080ti.

     hmm good question.............

You’ll pretty much need mods to enjoy it (FPS saving mods not enhancements), but its possible. I run a 2070 super which is similar enough to your 1080ti. I got it playable even on a 1080 founders edition.

For me to enjoy areas like corvega I needed to run on small fov, so I prefer using 120hz mode and adjusting fov there. Get clutter removers and the texture optimization mod. I also downsampled to ~85% in steamvr. Game’s just a beast to run.

If its still crap, look at INI optimizations. Shadows are KILLER in this engine for some reason, you’ll see incredible improvements by lowering the shadow rendering distance, this is even more important than the resolution. For visual quality I keep the shadows on medium/high, but their render distance is LOW, maybe even lower than the menu ‘low’.

Thanks - I’ll follow your advice and give it a try.

All in one mod installer for fo4vr that is built from the ground up to optimize the game to reach 90 fps in all areas while still maintaining and even improving on visual fidelity.

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