Eyestrain and distortions, any fix for this? Could it be fixed with software or eye tracking?

I can’t use this headset (5k+). My eyes are straining. I think I’ve tried most suggestions I’ve come across to fix this but nothing has helped so far. I’ve tried modifying the headset with the DAS mod and switching between various types of VR cover foams with different thickness. Also tried positioning the headset in different ways on my face/head. Nothing solves the issue. I’ve tried for about a week now. Pimax5k+ is very unconformable for my eyes.

My IPD is 60 and no matter how I change the IPD slider I feel discomfort, the lower the number the better it is but still not usable for me. With the Vive Pro headset I’m fine at 60, no eye strain.

Another issue I have is distortions, not just the blurry ones at the sides (that one is just the way it is for everybody I think) but I’m also experiencing some kind of fishbowl effect when I move my head around. I’ve had this issue with other headsets to a lesser degree like Oculus Rift and Samsung Odyssey, but Pimax is worse. On Vive Pro there is no distortions like this, the VR world feels very stable when I move my head around, no feeling of being inside a fishbowl like Pimax5k+.

Could the IPD issue be fixed with a IPD software slider if Pimax provided some option for that in the PiTool software?

Could IPD issues and distortions be fixed with eye tracking? It looks like StarVR apparently solved that issue. If they can do it then why not Pimax too when they get the eye tracking module working? From StarVR webbsite:

· Seamlessly integrated with Tobii eye tracking technology
· Auto IPD measurement and distortion adjustments
· Dynamic foveated rendering

Also Sebastian at MRTV tested it and was impressed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvFBUvfpQJ8&t=287s

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This IPD problem started being reported recently with so many people especially lower than human average IPD of 64mm. Even some with 64 and above also feel not comfortable, and headset gives you eyestrain.

Many of us, use several other hmds like PSVR, Rift, Vive, Go, and have no eyestrain problems like Pimax.

Pls don’t troll like early adapters may have this kind of problems, or something is wrong with your specific Pimax.

The problem is lenses are not getting close enough to deal with below 64 IPD, and we just move the lenses not the screens.

First and most Pimax should acknowledge the issue and try to offer a software IPD slider or similar solution.

Secondly a new lens should be introduced to address IPD problems of people like us if software is not enough to deal with this.

I urge anyone who things to preorder a Pimax 5k or 8k to wait a bit more till Pimax team solve this critical issue.

Not the distortions,
Not the build quality,
Neither delays,
Not driver problems
Are as important as this IPD eyestrain issue! This one should be the most important of all!


Yes this is a very important issue to fix, probably the most important one as many people can’t even use the headset like this, it’s just too unconformable, and probably not very healthy for our eyes. It hurts.

Aside from this IPD issue and the distortions I think the headset could have been very good. There’s lots of things to like about the Pimax5k+.

Hopefully Pimax can address this issue and fix it.


Measure with a ruler the distance between the centers of the lenses in Pimax 5k+. My Pimax 5k+ has minimum 68 mm and maximum 79 mm, My Vive has minimum 60 mm and maximum 75 mm.

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This is on the lowest setting (59,9). I got a IPD of 64,5 and also bad eye strains. Just can’t use the Pimax in this condition. Waiting atm for the HP HMD

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Try this: https://reddit.app.link/RQDiHe6alV

They say there quote:
Pimax uses NPD (Near PD) not IPD

I can’t confirm that by myself since I’m still waiting for my Pimax, but it has a lot of upvotes.