Eye Tracking Software Fix

Is there a ETA for a “whole” Software/Driver Package Update? Would be nice to have an offical update that brings all together in one solution.

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Guppy did get 7i’s blessing for these changes so perhaps a nice package can indeed be released with the various improvements in the main install.


would be great to do that, after the AI learning system can be designed for this so that it will perpetually get better. have some wonderful things im cooking up for it :slight_smile:


I bought a Pimax 5K Super to work together with my Laptop (i7 11th 8 cores and RTX 3070) and the choose was made by the natural limit of mobile gpu implementation. Using ACC (Assetto Corsa Competizione) to get something around 80 to 90 FPS I have to use DLSS2.0 that gave me a better balance between performance and image quality. The problem is that one concept clear in racing game or alive is look ahead where we are going after the next point and the resolution for that is not the best. The marks of 300, 200, 150 and 100 meter appear readable only very near. DFR would be a good solution but as everything in this world it is not so simple.
I live in Rio de Janeiro Brazil that is a very hot and even with AC in my room I need just a few seconds to foggy all lenses since I use glasses as well… The age…So installed a little fan snorkel in that and it is perfect. The problem as I could see is that it is in the same place that Eye tracking device is installed. Is there someone around this little world using both together?

Theres fan mods that blow air in through the comfort kits bottom holes, those shouldnt interfere with the top placement of the eye tracker at all.

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Sounds great. Any update on a regular SW release in piTool so far?

I am looking forward to buy an Eye tracking module for my 8KX if the updates are available :slight_smile:

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Maybe a stupid question, for the original 100hz firmware, does that forward.exe need ran every time you want to use it?

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Definitely use the guppy update to the software.


both the software Pimax provides, and the software I provide, require Forward.exe running in the background yes



So, I picked up a eye tracking module – mostly for giggles, but I mean its a gadget so I kinda had to play with it. By default, yeah, its a bit… lousy. So I put on this firmware (easy enough) and its very different. I might need to calibrate it a few times to get it just right, but its already worlds different than the stock. Nicely done!


It’s not applicable to the first batch of eye trackers, is it? Or is it? Honest question, being one of those who kept pushing F5 as soon as the eye tracker was launched.


It should be compatible with the first batch of eye trackers, yes


does it work with x-plane 11?

how do you enable FFR on rtx 3090?

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Check pitool settings it maybe in Game settings in pitool iirc.

As you have an RTX card the setting will be in pitool.

:upside_down_face: iirc? do i have to follow the Pitool installation path and look for iirc?


there is a new update to the software please check Eye Tracking Fix Update:


Ive wondered why does FFR not work in some titles… VrPerfKit defaulted to center when “which eye” information was not detectible, and yes it fails sometimes…but at least it activated. I assume Pimaxs FFR relies on Variable Rate Shading, hence why it only worked on newer Nvidia cards…

Well as mentioned before it us using Nvidia’s FFR which iirc relies on a game supporting VRS?

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