Eye Tracking shipping prices

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What’s up with the eye tracking shipping prices ?

I saw an American who stated a total for his eye tracking of $124

My own SO16669 including shipping to Denmark is a total of $149

What gives ? and why not just include it in the box when shipping our 8K X anyways ? backer upgraders haven’t shipped yet :wink:

For me shipping was like $25US

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The 8KX will be ship out in a separately package, and the eye tracking module will be handle by FedEx in a smaller package.

But we try to forward this idea to the team, as they might make the call to ship the 8KX to our users if both of the items are managed to prepare in same timeframe.


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Perhaps paying in different currency makes a difference in total amount?

As far as I’m aware, all our bills to Pimax in China are in US dollars, but naturally, many of us aren’t in America.

I live in the UK and could pay dollar or pounds sterling (UK currency) at checkout. I chose dollars as my bank claims not to pay a surcharge for paying in dollars.

For people who forget and use their local currency to pay Pimax, what might happen is this may increase your total cost for paying Pimax, as subsequently your bank might charge you a ‘currency conversion fee’ for and this will also vary depending on country you live in also.

Hi @Navi_8K
Nope I always pay and trade in USD, this was not the cause of the more expensive shipping.
I was not able to choose between 2 different shipping types unfortunately.

Thanks for following up, but can we change my shipping so that I don’t pay more than $25 for shipping as all other backers ?

$40 USD for shipping to Australia? 40 is way to much … please try to do better than that.
I am still waiting for the stretch goal shipment, could you somehow ship it together or something?