Eye tracking module compatibilities?

I have a few questions for Eye Tracking owners about compatibilities before ordering (or not).

  • Is it compatible with old 5k+ interface without modding (cutting pieces or so)?
  • Can we still use prescription custom frame (especially this one: Pimax 5k + / 8k prescription lens adapter)
  • Is it compatible with large IPD (68-72)? ET photos don’t show any spacing adjustment.

-yes and no yes it should work but the usb2 will limit performance.(some guys use a USB3 cable in addition)
-i don’t no. if there are space betwen lenses maybe.
-i think yes it is clip on lense, so when you move IPD the eye tracking move with lense

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I didn’t mean about the usb cable but about the face interface. I’ve read some people had to cut off the plastic to fit their ET. Is it necessary, do I have to order a vision comfort kit (I’d rather not) or can we install ET without moding the old face interface?

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  1. No idea
  2. I have not tested this. Even though I have both. I’ll give the eye tracking another try but this time with the prescription adapters.
  3. Eye tracking has loose flexible wires so it widens or narrows along with the ipd adjustment.

You will need to cut the same tab from my understanding.

@Genesis has used original facial interface on his 8kX with the ET.

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