Eye Tracking Fix Update:

Both neos and vrchat don’t natively support Droolon modules

for vrchat you need an OSC system which you can create on your own, or use the one @Toadstooliv made or the VRCFT OSC.
For Neos you need a mod GitHub - dfgHiatus/NeosPimaxEyeTracking: Integrates Pimax's Droolon Pi1 eye tracking module into NeosVR


I have a 1080ti so no DFR for me but just a single eye tracked game would be nice to play, I just want to play around with the tech but it seems nothing exists outside of hacking chats and DFR

Surfing the web with eye tracking feels like magic (though there’s plenty of progress to be made). Makes you wonder how much longer we’re going to be using mice - it’s practically 2X the bandwidth and thats not even accounting for all the other things we can do with the data down the line.

Which reminds me @guppyexpress , good news, got the eye-tracking runtime to work on basically any standalone headset (running Android) and a pretty clean output. We’re making 3D-printable adapters to be able to use this stuff on any device you could want - this is the future people!


Surfing the web? Do you have a link to something I could try please?


Isn’t ready I’m afraid. We’ll have a demo video (and a working concept) ready by next month. But we’re still some time away from a working release (a mouse that works only 99% of the time is useless, and as it turns out, that 1% is extremely difficult to squeeze out with eye-tracking).


there is a semi urgent update to the eye tracker to greatly improve its performance. please update as soon as possible
more information is located here


So I’m looking to get the tracker working in VRChat. I found a dll mod on your github, is that the one to get started? Do I need to create an avatar from scratch to map the eye tracker or can I use any eye tracking enabled avatar from there?


Hello, so to get the tracker working in vrchat, the mod does not work with the Pi1. but there is an OSC for vrchat that should work with it made by @Toadstooliv. VRCFT makes an OSC but it sometimes has an error with the Pi1 unlike the one Toadstooliv made and ive been working with them to get it working on there as well.
you have to follow VRCFT’s instructions on setting up your avatar to how they have it


Thanks for the info, could you comment on how easy it is to get something working? I don’t have an avatar I want to use, any will do as long as it tracks my eyes


its very very easy to get it working. its adding 3 parameters and running an OSC program :slight_smile:
here is the vrcft program to look at how to set it up https://github.com/benaclejames/VRCFaceTracking


Hi! This is my first post to OpenMR.
Yesterday I installed the eye tracking mod to my Pimax 8kx headset, and I also installed Guppyexpress’ software fix. Everything was working (I guess), and I was very excited and even donated to Guppyexpress.
But today I can’t get it to work right anymore. Very frustrating!!!
It seems that some process or software crashes after a few seconds. I get the grayscale images for both eyes (I can see my fingers when I wave them in front of the lenses). Then the images go black. When I terminate the “forward.exe”, this is restarted automatically, the grayscale camera images reappear, but then the images go black again after 1 or 2 seconds. Calibration also does not work, neither does DFR in VR. I reran the whole installation process according to the instructions twice, but still no success. What can I do?
(In case it is relevant: Ryzen 5900X, RTX 3080)


Hey Arend!
First of all
thank you so much for donating! <3 your donation helps the work to improve the eye tracker greatly

second of all. I would be more than happy to help debug this for you :slight_smile:
Please shoot me a dm on discord @ guppyexpress#0001

Looking forwards to chatting with you and debugging this issue so you get the best eye tracking experience possible :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind reply. I just joined discord (complete noob :face_with_peeking_eye:) and sent you a friend request.


Haha no worries it’s just easier to debug on there because your able to send and receive files

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Reporting back – Guppyexpress helped me track down the problem. We spent some time troubleshooting, awesome support! The issue is probably within my HMD: Using the provided short USB cable that links the eye tracker directly to the HMD, the setup kept crashing after a couple seconds. When I connected the device to the motherboard directly with a longer cable, it started working properly. So now there’s an extra cable to deal with, but at least I can use the thing. :star_struck:
(To be clear: The issue with my HMD and eye tracker was already there before I installed Guppyexpress’s mods.)



Could anybody please confirm if the NGenesis/PimaxEyeTracker repo contains the newest version of the aSeeVR SDK? If not, how can I get it?

I ran the utility library from the repo with Unity and I have found (same as @mbucchia) that most of the eye parameters are equal to 0. Has anybody been able to figure out why that is?

I need the record the raw eye-tracking data from the device. As far as I understand, @guppyexpress ’ eye-tracking update fixes how PiTool handles eye tracking, but won’t necessarily allow me to get the raw eye-tracking data. Is this correct?

Hey! No that doesn’t contain the sdk, that’s just a template code Ngenesis made on an interface that everyone uses.
If you would like the documentation to the code, i have it hosted here on GitHub aSeeVR UserSDK: Getting Started with aSeeVR UserSDK
If u need the tracking data you need to access it via the port it’s connected to. at the moment it is port 5777 but I’m going to change it later to reduce noise of other programs

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I never figured out why all 0. On the end, I only needed gaze ray, so i used the recommended eye gaze X,Y values (the 2 values that are not 0) and it worked out for me:

Ahh, now I get it! Thank you for your response.

I will try to use your version then. In what format/layout/encoding is the data written to the port?

I have found a file called recv_example.cpp in aSeeVR_UserSDK\forward that seems to be reading eye-tracking data from a port. However, these are also only the projected(?) X,Y values. Would it be possible to hook up to the raw eye tracker data stream? Btw, are you doing the feature extraction on the eye camera images (what we can see in drawImage1/2 when fdimgline is enabled) and gaze geometry estimation yourself?

I’ll message you on discord too, so we can continue the conversation there if you see fit. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Thanks for the update, @mbucchia