Eye tracker support in Star Citizen!?

The more this game is in development the more I know they are secretly making this game ground up VR compatible. they simply havent announced it yet.

My question here is since this game has head and eye tracking. Will Pimax eye tracking potentially work with Star Cituzen like Tobii here is?

Will Pimax eye tracking even work at all?

After watching this video it seems to me that they basically have VR support already programmed.

Full 6DOF headtracking , Mobiglass UI

and the upcoming 12K even has Tobii eye tracking built in.

Why dont they just enable VR already!

@chachi_sanchez ?

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too many more construction sites that would require constant reworking on VR. In my opinion, VR will only come when the beta phase is up and running.

Admittedly, I can’t wait either. :wink: Hope Starfield occupies the break meanwhile.

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What does this mean? If you emulate TrackIR and use VD or VorpxDesktop its essentially perfect. Why would they need to rework anything?

Hmm? Is Starfield going to have VR support?

Bethesda (self proclaimed VR company …only when involvrd in stealing oculus money in lawsuits) havent made a peep regarding upcoming vr projects. I suspect they have none.

Too bad the world needs more Cyberpilot.:rofl:

they’re still working on so many mechanics. it would be like taking the second step before the first.

Its only a hope. after microsoft recently found that actually a quarter of all FS users use VR, they would be stupid not to allow it.
Otherwise the modders will probably have to do it :joy:

Modders have to do everything for them anyway so no change there. :joy:

It’s total robbery that they were able to steal 2.5 million from Oculus, claiming that they were “totally working on VR” when Carmack left. They haven’t really showed me that they are serious about VR at all. Otherwise they would have at least one new VR IP being worked on in the last decade

I have no idea who, how, where, had anything to do with it. Now the guys belongs to Microsoft anyway…
As a result, the money will have gone into other pockets.

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Plus we all know how much M$ loves VR