Eye tracker module - finally got it working!

After months of the two eye pieces installed in my 8KX I’m pleased to announce that they are now working as intended… merely as lens protectors.

Jesus, Pimax. What the hell have you been doing all this time? Get your sh*t together and make this work!


I had a discount on my lens protectors…only paid 100.00 :+1:


So did it work? Would it work with pCars games?

At the moment, it is better to use FFR. With DFR you’ll have lag when you move your eyes in the high resolution area and sometimes troubles with the tracking. We are waiting for improvements but it’s beeing too long.

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You do realize I was being ironic…


I knew what you’re saying but impossible to believe that it still didn’t work. I haven’t even opened up my box to test it out to be honest lol. I think i got it like a year ago? I don’t even care…I knew I have probably wasted my money.

While the eye tracking may work, the results i must say at current stage is disappointing, as it causes graphical glitches and things constantly popping in and out of your peripherals. The more I try to use this accessory the more i feel this is something flawed in design, something sounds great in theory and looks great on paper but falls flat in real world use.

Foveated rendering for example, I initially thought this is great, why waste power on somewhere we cannot see clearly right? In real world usage, yes my peripheral visions are blurry yes, but it was clear enough to notice the low res area outside of my focus, clearly, eye tracker may be fast enough to follow where I look but that doesn’t stop me seeing the low res part. This contribute to a overall lost of image quality for me and is what I felt, a minor fps improvement (if any) for a big loss in overall quality, and this is if it’s working without graphical glitches that annoys the heck out of you.

I still have it installed on my 8kx, waiting for miracle to happen, but I never have it active, well unless there is a software update then I would give it a go, but always come away disappointed and more certain this is something flawed in design. Unless this see some drastic changes, as is I’m thinking of it as a paper weight, an achievement, a collectible for supporting pimax over the years.


Yeah, the eye tracking module was the biggest waste of money and it has no resale value because no one wants to buy it.


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