[Extension confirmed to at least Jan 31st] Extend the Pimax upgrade program

Please rest assured. As I said before, it will be updated this week. Thank you.

I think Konger @Konger will arrange for the update on the extension later. Thank you.


Fare thee well, by the way, Matt, and thanks for your work here. :7


@Matthew.Xu Thank you for all your support.

@Konger, welcome and maybe you can provide some information regarding the “Extended” date. Is it a thing or not, so we won’t miss the upgrade opportunity.



What is happening with the extension of the upgrade deadline ? Are Pimax still extending it as promised ?

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you know the (Work)week are ending today ???

Hi Peteo, and all,

Please don’t worry, I got a confirmation that there’s no hurry with the upgrade program and the deadline is extended at least until 31. January, after CES, we will confirm the final date.



@Konger Any reason this took so long to confirm? For ages now there has been a giant countdown ticker on the storefront, is it any wonder people have been asking for a solid date?


Is there a countdown timer?

Edit. Never mind

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True, but Pimax seems to have trouble with dates. I trust them to make a decent VR headset and I think their intentions are good, but at this point I’m skeptical of any date they announce. I’m glad they’ve extended this offer though, since I’d like to see some reviews of the actual shipping product, before I invest in an 8KX.


Thank you. Now it’s time for you guys to get the final versions out to reviewers soon so we can make an educated call on if to upgrade or not


The 31st is only 10 days away. Any word on the extension?


I wouldn’t worry about that too much


That’s what Mr Murdoch told Captain Smith when a lookout said he saw an iceberg ahead.


I would like to know as well. I won’t order until I see a review comparison between the 8kx and the 8k+

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I don’t see what you’re hoping from that review as a deciding factor: the detail resolution of the 8K+ will be at most 20% better de 5K+ same input but better panels and maybe better optimization.

The only way you can decide is the 8K+ is enough for you is to try them both. I’m not telling you to rush your purchase either but better than a comparisons between the 8K+ and the 8K why not wait to see if Pimax is able to product the 8K+ or 8KX in quality + quantity.

If your cash flow is the main deciding factor go for the 8K+ if the best VR image is the main factor go for the 8KX with the integrated upscale it’s a winning combo no need of a review for that …

But full reviews are still required to purchase either one! in one phrase you don’t need at this stage a full review to compare 8KX vs 8K+ specification are enough ! Read double resolution!


I want to see if the resolution is noticeable between the 2. If they’re not really noticeable I’ll get the 8k+. I dont play dcs or whatever that flight simulator is called. I play games like boneworks,blade & sorcery, and soon the walking dead.

Has a backer I was in the same dilemma. Like many of us here I have read and see almost all reviews and I still don’t know for sure it should have prefer the 8K vs my 5K+. if you have a 5K+ the 8K+ is a nice upgrade for the SDE not worth the $$ for the diff unless you can’t spare more. 999$ is still a lot of money for only 20% in resolution+ and some day the games you play will have better textures. but again you have free will :wink:

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you did see the thru the lens pictures by sweviver? no?

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It’s not just reviews holding up a decision for some of us. Can’t order if Pimax gives you two different answers to the same question, can an additional BS be added to the KS order? In the meantime ticktock.


For my part it’s wait and see no rush! Yes the 8K+ and 8KX seems very interesting but the all package deal must also be. Head Strap, sound, build quality and support.