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Looking to set up a sim rig where I am at currently. I need to purchase a wheel as my Thrustmaster RS300 died.

What are the current titles that work the best on the 8KX with high settings

Please share you setting and rig. Also it will help to share experiences from varied tittles.

Assetto Corsa apparently does not have good performance from what I have read.

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I found there is some kind of plugin called “Reshade” which allow the flexibility to add more realistic lighting, shadows and FX. I wonder if its compatible with VR.

Pretty good at least from videos I have seen

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How many miles did you have on the odometer before she croaked?

Will you be looking at that affordable fanatec DD coming out soon?


I was thinking maybe the Fanatec CSL Elite, or the Thrustmeter TS-xw sparco. I will probably spend something like 400-700 give or take, although I found the Podium on ebay.


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i dunno man, DD for that price even has me thinking about the “D”

of course the Rim costs as much as the DD base. WTF is that? lol.

wait what? Let me go to their page

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Ah ok, but it won’t be released until November… I am not going to wait till then


haha…but now you’ve been “Incepted”

my work here is done. :grin:

Give your wallet my regards.


For that price, I am getting one when released. Probably then pick up something cheap like a G923 and properly make a setup with the CSL DD in December. That will give me time to get a proper cockpit also

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Im having visions of that CSL-DD on my Yaw2. Come december.

We all know kickstarters are never late. :wink:

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oh indeed, never, never late! :joy:


As a new guy of Sim-racing, I’d love to share some settings that getten from other users.(I forgot who it is, That will be nice if anyone can post the original post





I don’t think sexual orientation plays into this topic tbh.

Also, those ACC settings are the labour of love of @godiz, posted here:


Credit where credit is due pretty please.

Nice, thanks Hammer_gal. What are your current specs and what framerate are you maintaining. What’s your Pitools settings

framerate: 40-65
Pitools:1.25 and Steam VR 75%、50%

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Thanks for post Original source of the ACC settings!!
This is the second time I typed the wrong letter of gay and guy…lol.

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There is a reshade for VR.

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I am running Accetto corsa with max settings on 90 fps with 3090 and 8KX, It is the best racing sim there is. There is so many mods that you really get yourself a new hobby. Here is many guides: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7JjjEgThTgZEreug7m1Q-w


iracing is well-optimized for VR relative to most racing titles, but it is subscription based.

I like to run the 8kx in small fov bc I’m sensitive to distortion.

8kx small fov at 1.25 in pitool, 100% steam SS, runs 90hz well with a full field of 30+ cars and looks and runs better than the reverb g2 at 120% steam SS with the same in-game settings in my opinion.

I have not had any blackouts since the latest 90hz firmware update but have only used it a few hrs.

Checkout heusinkveld for pedals. Pedals make the biggest difference for pace, but I will say a direct drive motor makes anything else feel like a toy. You have around 20nm of force before clipping instead of .5 in the thrustmaster and logitechs

Im using rtx 3090 9900k 32gb ram

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Hi @VR-TECH i use my 5k+ for sim racing (the main reason I got a pimax hmd) and can give you a good heads up from my own personal experience trying and using it on many of the main sims.

I would recommend racing sims in terms of VR quality with a pimax HMD in this order:
Rfactor 2
AC (original Assetto Corsa)
ACC (needs powerful GPU & VRToolkit otherwise it looks quite blurry)

Each sim requires a couple of tweaks to get working at its optimum but AC & ACC work out of the box without PP enabled as does iracing if i remember correctly and RF2 does too if you use the json tweak to enable support for HMD’s with none parallel displays (this is documented on RF2 website and in their forums as well as on here).

For most racing sims I would recommend using a sharpening filter (see link below) which is easy to use and configurable all from within SteamVR as an app. For me personally I find the clarity and lack of aliasing in RF2 to be the current pinnacle in VR fidelity/realism & the graphics on official premium content are top notch (old content and/or mod content can vary wildly and very old mods look quite terrible). AC is very good too but requires the shader patch and sol mods to bring its graphics up to date, otherwise it looks dated.

The VR toolkit sharpening filter can be found here, along with instructions on how to use it: https://vrtoolkit.retrolux.de/

In terms of whats a better sim, its personal pref but IMO id say the following is a good rule of thumb:

RF2 for multiplayer organised league racing & arguably the best FFB and overall handling model
iracing for the best anytime/random multiplayer action
AC for singleplayer & scenario based AI races or “track day” style events
ACC if you love GT3 and it also has good anytime/random multiplayer userbase, although not in the same league as iracing.
PC2 for singleplayer scenario based AI races, particularly in rainy conditions.