Europe Support Center still coming?

@PimaxUSA would you mind sharing with us if the EU customer service center is coming anytime soon ? (will it be set up before the warranty time for early backers ends ?) It’s been a while since we heard about it. I’m asking because my 5k+ has a dead pixel, the housing problem where edges just split off on their own + the cable sparkling issue. It’s been in this condition for a long time but I didn’t want to rma it because I don’t want to be without a vr headset for over a month or even longer. Now that I heard someone got rejected by the support saying the warranty time would be over I feel like I can’t wait for a potential EU support center any longer and have to send it to china.
Thoughts ?


I sent my 5k+ back, and the postage label they sent me, the address was to amazon and not back to china.


so the amazon depot was located within your country (United Kingdom) ? and the replacement headset was also sent back to you from an amazon depot ? how long did it take till you got your headset back or is it still in progress ?

The warehouse is in Netherlands but the wait to get back a headset is still long. Amazon needs green lights from Pimax China before shipping, and Pimax is well known to live close a black hole.


Shanghai is a black hole :smiley: ?

But yea I’d like to know what the status is of the EU office. I have been asking about it since March, when it was originally supposed to open lol.

I have gone and RMA’d my unit to china and for now it’s stuck in customs so… we’ll see I guess. Doesn’t matter much to me anyway since I am waiting for the MAS and comfort kit to release anyway. I could still use my Odyssey in the meanwhile. (But, I’m not, actually lol)

I have as yet not received a replacement HMD.
I have been told that I should get a tracking number anytime now, so when I get that I can find out were it is coming from.

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one last question: when did you sent it back / how long do you wait now for a replacement hmd ?

Its taken around a month to get this far, but I am in no hurry so never push the situation much, the HMD was sent back as soon as I got the postage labels, 14 days a go.
Matthew.Xu has been Extremely helpful.

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I’m starting to lose patience almost 5 weeks in when 3 weeks ago it was supposed to be being sent out and literally nothing positve has happened since.

I’m going to buy my first VR headset and I am wanting to get an oculus quest with link! But after looking on the website and seeing that the link doesn’t support amd (I have a rx 480) I’m wondering if they are going to add support. I’m going to get it anyway but I would highly prefer if I could play pc vr on it too because that’s what I will mainly be doing.

A bit over a month for me.

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