ETA on the controllers?

im backer 4thousandsomething, so i wont get the 8k+basestations before december.
since the engineering team is done with the hmds and working on the controllers now(i assume), i was wondering if by that time the controllers could be ready to ship too.

if i dont have to, i would realy rather not send 300€ to HTC for 2 controllers. but i also dont want to be limited to seated xbox-controller based experiences for months(if the controllers where delayed till summer 2019 for example)…


They have suggested controllers q2 2019…so expect anytime mid 2019

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Based on past performance, if they are saying Q2 2019, I would say more like Q2 2020…

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Controllers are much simpler to make. So maybe eta a lot more on the money.

there is a non zero chance valve’s controllers will beat them to market at this rate. latest version of knuckles is very tweaky. improved battery life, harder triggers. feels very close to a product release candidate.

my guess is we all have to buy Knuckles months before we actually get the pimax controllers. but even then, where do we get the basestations 2.0 …

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BaseStations are coming before the controllers. But also, you don’t need BaseStation 2.0 - devices that support 2.0 are backwards compatible with 1.0 BaseStations. It’s the reverse that isn’t true - you can’t use 2.0 BaseStations with 1.0 devices.


you can use 1.0 basestations with any of pimax’s 2.0 devices.

also pimax should start shipping 2.0 stations in october according to their faq.


So i guess we get the HMD, basestations and buy Knuckles as soon as they are available, then at some point we get the pimax controllers and resell the knuckles on ebay.

Tracking is backwards compatible. Base stations v 2.0 lighthouses are only compatible with v2 tracking

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That’s what I said. 2.0 devices are backwards compatible,they work with 1.0 base stations. 2.0 base stations are not backwards compatible, they only work with 2.0 devices.

Thus a minor quandary: people who get the Pimax base stations before they get their Pimax controllers will be unable to use their Vive 1.0 controllers with the Pimax base station. Assuming Pimax holds to the standard (early Pimax base station prototypes were half 1.0 and half 2.0, so may be different).


Yeah it wouldn’t let me like your post system was being difficult. Lol

thnx for that info, i allready had 2 vive controllers in the cart, good thing i checked back here before finalizing the purchase.

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My concern is that Pimax are waiting for Valve to make up their mind, so they will be able to be sure they won’t have a product that has less control options than the “standard” (example: the added stick for latest valve controllers).

In a way, I can understand Pimax concern, if they will provide controllers that won’t be on par with the competition or at least standard they will make their product moot, and probably Pimax backers unhappy (my opinion).

So my guess is:

  • first development kit might be 2 months to a quarter after Valve will announce their final build (their EV3 seem promising)
  • Customer product: 2 to 3 months after dev kits are out.

So Q2 2019 is ,in my opinion, a Pimax wishful thinking that “Valve” will decide, at last, how their controller will look like and function, by the end of this year and only then they will be able to produce their own controller based on the knuckle design and capabilities.

I also think that if Pimax don’t want to wait for Valve, but want to create a controller that has at least same capabilities as the future Valve Knuckles, then they should go ahead and add a stick to their “non stick controllers” or redesign with the new “Knuckeles EV3” in mind.


[prepared for a barrage of insults]

I don’t have the inclination nor time to trudge through thousands of post to find out if the controllers and/or basestations are shipping with the 8k. I just received mine without either. Is this a mistake or intentional?

Nobody (except some reviewers) received more than the headset up until now.
We are all waiting for all the kickstarter awards and foremost the basestations.
The deluxe headstrap, the eye tracking, the leap motion, etc…

If your a pre order you missed it’s a deposit.

Controllers are maybe Q3 at last estimate. Perhaps something more definitive at GTC this month; where next revised version will be demoed. Last version was at CES just past.

Are you a backer or prr order?

Don’t reccommend conducting a Barrage of insults as it will not yield desireable results.

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