Endless crashing SteamVR

So this is getting very frustrating. Boot computer, start pitool. Start Steam. Start steam vr (or launch from pitool, or launch from any pi-home type screen) start IL2. Steam VR crashes. Restart after unblocking Pimax, repeat ad infinum. How do I stop this madness? It’s been off and on for weeks. I don’t know how I ever made it stop before, but I can’t seem to make it stop this cycle this time.

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reinstall steam vr - the stable

I have exactly the same issue with my 5k+.

Started when Pitool version .271 came out.
I tried regular SteamVR, Beta… even updating Nvidia drivers.

Uninstall .271 completely and reinstall version .268 or .269.
You’ll have to re-enable in SteamVR again, but it will work after that.

Went to appdata/common/openvr, delete openvr. Start pitool, room setup and go. Funny thing is it will repeat again. Not sure why. Hope this gets fixed soon. May have to do what Deathwalker did.