eMagin is working on prototype 4k * 4k panels for VR

eMagin just released their quarterly earnings and in their conference call they are revealing a glimpse of the future of VR:

Turning to our work with Tier 1 consumer product companies, we received approval of our design for a prototype display featuring a 4k x 4k resolution that will be combined with our direct patterning technology resulting in very high brightness and very high resolution display. In an headset, this display is capable of a wide field of view with no screen-door effect. We believe this will be the display needed for an immersive VR.

These prototypes should be ready within a half year:

We expect to complete displays incorporating our direct patterning technology in the third quarter of 2019, after which the customer will evaluate and test the displays.

Of course it will then take probably another 2 year for this to get mass produced but still, it’s good to hear they’re working on the future of what VR will be in a few years.


Awesome indeed but think the stacked displays & or combined with the shaker might be a good way to increase ppi while keeping gpu resources light.

Imagine even the 5k+ with one or both techniques. On the 5k+ being a sharper a dispersion filter like tech3 film might be okay with being rgb vs odyssy+ pentile.

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cool, but everything they make is very expensive and for the high end market, doubtful that it will trickle down to the consumer level budget