Elite Dangerous Odyssey No Vr @ Launch

Imagine my roller coaster of emotions this week.

Project Cars 3, finally looks like a driving game that looks fun to play and VR too.!

Elite Dangerous is adding Space Legs and Planets to walk on !!

But no VR. (at least at launch)


I dont find elite that great of a game but the ONLY reason i play it is the immersion of being a space trucker.

Never has these words been so true … NO VR NO BUY!


I left a similar message on the Frontier forums.

. ANNOUNCEMENT - Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Announcement | Page 109 | Frontier Forums


I wonder if FDev did not shoot themselves in the foot by announcing non-VR DLC. I imagine there is quite a big population of PC players (relatively speaking) which play ED in VR and now they will be left behind (or made to go back to pancake).

I can only assume that PC (sim positive) community in general is probably not so significant (in a larger scope of things) and FDev is targeting more casual gamers on consoles.


Casual gamers on console are NOT going to play Odyssey. The ship flying part is too deep, IMHO. I don’t know what Frontier is doing here.


Yeah, what a folly.

I mean this game has been a VR game since its inception. WIth some people playing it exclusively in VR since 2013

They should be taking a page from Slightly Mad Studios and treating VR with the respect it deserves. That being said to be fair. they will do VR support eventually. They aren’t as bad as Codemasters or Everspace removing VR from a game sequel entirely.

Dirt Rally 2 would not even have VR support if oculus hadn’t showered them in gold. Maybe Oculus should step up again and dump money bags on them.


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Add to that the ridiculous cross-play limitations that FDev has so completely caved to. Maybe that’s part of the lack of VR support… console market politics?

Anyway, here’s my response on the FDev forums. It’s basically just for the record, since… naah, I’m not going to rant about their community interactions (absenteeism thereof) too right now…

In the space sim department, I think we need something created the way (AFAIK) Onward was. Someone, smart, in their basement, puts together a minimum implementation MMO, completely player driven, and lets it just grow in features from there.

Elsewhere on Pimax forums I have this to say…

Elite Dangerous VR is ending, FDev was never great anyway, Parallel Projections threw away 56% of our performance and more visual clarity on top of that… so who cares. We need a better game now, not better performance for a game (oh yeah, it’s just a game anyway, not a sim) that plainly sucks.

Well i for one enjoy no mans sky. Who would have thought the company that bombed so badly back when the game released would have stuck around and give us update after awesome update and then ad an “actual” good vr implementation.

I mean there are mechs in the game now!!

Even Mechwarrior V missing VR support is angering me,


Ultimately, on the FDev forums, this is what I really think of FDev.

This is not about some stupid video game (yes, that’s what Elite Dangerous is).

This is about the technology. FDev has significantly held back that technology from what others would likely have achieved by now without the vaporware ‘competition’.

Actually, upon reading the Wikipedia article again, it is pretty clear Frontier Developments meets both vaporware definitions, right from the start. Elite Dangerous core features have been both going out of support, and not actually intended to be created.

This is fraud on the general public, much akin to Microsoft behavior, albeit such anti-monopoly lawsuits too rarely succeed (and even more rarely bring corrective results).

Most damning of all, FDev, as a software publisher, with timelines on the order of years, does not have the excuses of hardware supply disruption (far more substantial than working from home).

I have no problem with reasonable mistakes having been made, or paying a reasonable subscription for a quality space sim multiplayer experience. I do think FDev’s continued path is blatantly unethical.

It needs to be pointed out, what of the millions of dollars raised, that could have been used to meet the most basic reasonable expectations for a multiplayer VR space sim, or even some specific promises. FDev took community money, and now blatantly continues doing whatever they please with it, continuing to leverage the whole vaporware deal.

But what’s wrong is they continue to ignore the community, even when they could with minimal effort at least meet the most basic expectations.

For Frontier Developments, Elite Dangerous is not a commercial product, but their ‘pet’, which they continue to force feed from the public trough.

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