[EDIT] Special offer for 4K owners. What will you do with your 4K unit after you received 8K?

Just curious… What’s your plan with the 4K headset when you received the 8K package?
Keep it, sell it, give it to your friend/family, or donate it to someone else?


Recycling Campaign

Hi Pimax 4K owners,

Since we launched 8K/X on Kickstarter, we’ve found that many of our backers are from the existing Pimax community. Thanks for your support!

For those of you looking to upgrade from 4K to 8K: we have discussed with the team and decided to provide a special offer for you.

For sustainability and a better user experience, we’ve decided to provide an option for all the Pimax 4K owners who have backed Pimax 8K/X tiers on Kickstarter: After you received your 8K/X, you can return your 4K to us.

Pimax will provide $100 recycling reward upon receipt of 4K, to celebrate your big move from 4K to 8K and encourage your environmentally friendly behavior.

  • The policy only applies to Pimax 4K owners who backed 8K/X from Kickstarter (Link: kck.st/2fuqO9K)
  • The 4K headset should be functional
  • The 4K headset should never be disassembled
  • 4K owners who backed Pimax 5K tiers are entitled to a $50 recycling reward
  • The 4K users should be responsible for shipping the 4K headset to Pimax, we will set up recycling stations depends on the location of backers - please message for details.

Best regards,
The Pimax Team


I will be selling my Pimax 4K, Nolo, PS move controllers and a GTX 1060 so that I can purchase a GTX 1080TI prior to my new 8K arrival!

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I don’t have the 4k, but assuming the 8k lives up to the hype then my vives going in the closet. Doubt I’d be able to sell it without controllers, plus it’d be a nice keepsake for 1st generation vr.


Most likely sell to a friend or maybe expand a family members perspective. :v::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Likely will try to sell them. I have 2. Also sell the Vive. If Pimax works better than the vive, which I expect it will.


Most likely I will give a tribal or I will give to use to friends.
But first you need to upgrade the PC and buy 8k.

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i’ll try to sell on ebay along with nolo

Ill be selling my Vive headset providing the Pimax works as expected. Easy replacement for the headset. I’ll keep my lighthouses and controllers.


If i and can get rid of the dust in both lens then I will sell it, if not it will probably go in a cupboard


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I don’t have a 4K, but basically if I get packages working well enough I’ll pass them to local clubs and friends with an interest in tinkering with it, but not the cash or enthusiasm to buy the high end. Some I hold on to hoping to add a bit myself, like when I cobbled together the Nolo-OSVR driver.


I will hold my 4K version, because I don’t have enough money for that expensive 1st Gen. 8K headset.
If the price goes in the direction of the 4K incl. all equipment, I can try to buy a 8K version. Or I buy a 5K unit with room scaling.

Will broken HDMI cable (at the PC connector) be concerned as " being functional"?
Now I have a lot trouble of seldom on/off Pimax’s displaying.
As the result I rather joining the program instead of trying a way to fix the cable.

Let me double check with the team :slight_smile:

confirmed, not a big deal. you can return the unit to us.

Only 100 $ ??:flushed:
I sell to a friend or ebay for more

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Yeah one hundred minus all the shipping costs lol

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For sure, and the price seems to be going up all the time!

100 realy :fearful: are you kiding my i payed more shipping cost and you know the best part the 8k will probelly be sold for 600 so i payed 400 and if i send it back for the new one i get 100 :open_mouth:pimax plz make it cheaper i make 130 a moth and i would like to have some monny to people at pimax plz just sell the 8k vor cheap or make the recycling campain give back 250 so the cummunity can play vr games with a good vr headset :relaxed:

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