ED VR Startup Sequence (in 8k World)

OK, so I am trying to have everything ready for when my new 8k unit finally arrives. As such, I am working on a Voice Attack Command that helps to “set the mood” for my ED VR experience. I already know about having programs started through command-line args, but was wondering what programs/switches need to be used to:

Start any programs necessary for the VR HMD
Start SteamVR (if necessary)
Start ED in VR Mode (with necessary settings)

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You need to only launch ED Launcher. Or Dr Kaii „Ed Profiler” Dr. Kaii - EDProfiler

in steam vr app is option „run steam vr when app is running” this option will recognize which game is vr supported and vanila steamvr will lunch automaticly.


@Yata_PL is right, voice attack would be better suited for in game commands to help with immersion rather than to set the mood before the game has started.

I would be happy to provide you a ED voice attack profile for in game key bindings that I use while playing ED in the 4k.



True. The latest versions of the HTS VoicePacks don’t actually enable commands until you are truly in-game in ED. You can’t even use it at the main game menu; you have to be looking at your cockpit before the commands are available. It’s kind of a pain, tbh.

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OK, so maybe I misspoke.

Think of this as an attempt to ceate a batch file to start everything necessary for playing ED in VR using a Pimax product. Also assume that ED is installed via Steam and SteamVR needs to be active as well.

What is the sequence of events that need to happen (within a batch file) to go from clean statrup of machine into a Pimax VR ED Gaming session?

The only reason I suggested doing so from VA is because I know that is something common to my ED experience (be it in VR or not).

Thanks for the info and suggestions so far though…

cant really comment on the 8K startup but it would be similar i think to the 4k.

this is what i do manually (not in a batch file)

  1. launch steam (login if needed)
  2. launch steamvr and open display mirror to check orientation and change if needed
  3. open voice attack and select ed profile
  4. launch ED from within steam (as steamvr is running it should launch in VR and not desktop)
  5. put headset on and play