Dumb Steam VR home question

This is totally not critical, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to finish the intro of Steam VR home. I see the three panels with the “Press Y”, and doing so brings up a pop-up. This says I need to select “Next” and pull the trigger. I can’t get past this part. Using a wired 360 pad because no lighthouses. I just want to set a different environment!

The pad works fine to pull up games and move around the Home, but I can’t change the scenery and it’s low-key driving me mad!

EDIT: I should be clear that no button on my controller is registering as a trigger on this menu. The triggers instead teleport my avatar.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I use is it Select on the controller to hold until a bigscreen window pops open (like TV Mode in 2d steam)

From there A B buttons.


Yeah I can do that too, and that works fine. It’s hard to describe but I just want to follow the prompts that come up when I press “Y” on the pad. This is why I’ve had a hard time searching for advice… I don’t know what it should be doing!

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