Driver4VR Flickering when rotating

Update: this doesn’t happen now, it’s been fixed. Only tried it a little but Driver4VR now seems pretty good on my 180 setup.

When rotating using Driver4VR I get a horrible flickering image. It seems to be an image of the centered position close to the floor. So when I turn I get the normal turning image I should get, alternating with a centered picture.

I wonder what causes this. It could be some kind of conflict, like two different drivers trying to fight for positioning. Has anyone had this problem? Greg, the Driver4VR dev said he is looking into it. Thought maybe it might help though if we can do a process of elimination, like if it is just me then ill try to see what is wrong with my setup. If not then maybe it is something else.

How many cameras do you have?

3 but tracking is fine.

What camera model are you using? I was going to pick up 3 or 4 PSEye’s as they are only $7 each.

I am using 3 ps eyes.

Works well now, OP updated.
Well enough, in fact, there is no way I’m gonna bother with nolo. 180 plus rotation button is good enough I think.