Download piplay content :

hello there,

on piplay u can see some videos and games, fo course we need to download to using it, the problem, is this error message, i can never get it :

so my question do u have link with all program and video to get in one time, and add it on piplay folder diretly please ?

like mega, or ohter sharing place ?


Hello, there,

i have try to download the content of Pimax, Piplay, and i can’t stille have thei error message.

can anyone can create a mega account will all pimax content, if Pimax is OK to share their content


hello there, anyone interesting to get the Piplay content ?

or maybe is only me i can get all content of piplay because of my connexion ?

like serveur Pimax are too slowly, i want create a mega space (50 go) with all pimax stuff are u agree with that ?

evry time i m tryng to install piplay content i have this error :

this network is not well, please try again. We are sorry for inconviencing you.

Hi ISsa, thanks for your feedback. As you know, our server is still in China at present, but we are discussing and finding a better way to resolve this issue, please be patient.

Thanks for u respond, i m waiting.

your not the only one Pimax_fr, i too get the error and am in New Zealand. I already knew their content on their servers were not stable and have not tried downloading until they can rectify this…

I’m sure they will in time, just not right now :slight_smile:

I managed to download some of the content. had same error. I do not know where to find the content. it will not launch from piplay so I thought I would try manually. what is the path where piplay stores content?

It is shown in Piplay settings.
It shows the default directory or you can change it to where you prefer.