Doubled green chaperone borders

When using Pimax 5K+, my chaperone borders are sort of “doubled” - there’s the default steam blue chaperone and also light green chaperone from Pimax. Is it possible to disable it?

I have exactly the same issue with the multicolor chaperone, (very weird).
I tried to reinstall my PC and the issue was gone at the beginning and I had the feeling that the Pimax screens was also more sharp (clearly visible on SteamVr Home).

But I don’t know why, the issue with blue/green chaperone reappear now !
I don’t know what could cause this. I tried to uninstall/install Pitool/SteamVR/NvidiaDriver but nothing of these actions works.

I don’t know if it is related, but I notice that on some games (e/g : Blaster Of The Universe) , You can see some reflects on one eye and not on the other . Enabeling or Disabeling Parallel Projection don’t change anything about this issue. This is annoying because it feels that it is not good for our eyes to see that.

If someone have an idea of what could cause this, it would be great !

I reinstalled my whole windows and first time I run vr there was no doubled borders so I was happy, but then they reappeard.

Yes exactly the same. I hope someone will have an idea of what could cause that.