Dominant Eye and Right Eye Focus Problems Relationship?

Just wondering if there is a relationship with how people are getting on with their 8KX and whether their left or right eye is dominant.

Most people are saying that they have a problem getting the right eye in focus. I’ve just googled it and for about 70% of people the right eye is dominant.

I’m still waiting for my 8KX but with my artisan even with that headset the right eye is not perfectly in focus but it doesn’t seem to effect the overall picture because I’m one of the 30% that have a left dominant eye.

Just wondering if this could be relevant and if those with the right eye focus issue could check and post which of their eyes is dominant so we might be able to spot a trend!


Here’s the thing. I’m pretty sure the problem is different from what people think. If you look at a distant object, you have focus in both eyes. If you look at a closer object, you don’t have perfect focus in both eyes. Why is this? Well it might be because when you look at an object farther from you, your eyes don’t have to look inward nearly as much as when you are looking at a closer object. When you look at a closer object and your eyes look inward, you look through a less clear spot on the lens. Pimax could “fix” this by just selling new lenses with a sweet spot closer to the edge of the lens. Pop the old ones out and pop the new ones in. This is exactly why some people say that the near IPD is better. It’s because when you use your near IPD the sweetspot is more inward.

Here’s an example. Notice how the closer you look at an object, the farther your eyes go from the sweet spot?


I get what you are saying but too many people are talking about something wrong specifically with the right eye - unless it’s related to the statistic that 70% of people have dominant right eye, so the majority of people, being right eyed, are picking this eye out as the source of the problem (perhaps)!!

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I am left eye dominant, and I have trouble getting the right eye by itself to be in focus in the 8kx. What I work for and set up is a clear image with both eyes. I haven’t got it perfect yet but I’m very happy with what I see so far if you’ll pardon the pun!

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