Doman Chen, the support's secret hero

I have read a lot of discussion on various debug procedures to addresse several possible problems.

Pimax system is a must, but the global complexity of Pitool is huge.

So, if anybody has a problem, instead of spending hours of difficult debug, just open a ticket and ask for help from Doman Chen.

Then install teamviewer on your PC and find some time compliant with chinese time.

Doman will enter in your PC and you will see the wonder. Just stay present to be able to reboot or turn on/off various devices.

Using several command line tools, he will diagnose the problem and solve it in an incredibly short time.

It is just amazing to see this guy debugging the system, he knows everything about lighthouse and other bugs that are usually covered in this community.

We have just to hope that Pimax will pay Doman correctly in order to be sure that he stays there.

I’m relatively sure I would have sold my Pimax without his kind help.

Finally, don’t loose time, just ask for Doman



Yes, he is one of our pimax’s most preferred technicians, excellent service attitude, extremely fast response speed and technically superb remote debugging ability.
If you encounter a problem, he is most likely to help you solve the problem, and his response speed is also very fast, unless it is not during working hours.
You can contact him by submitting a ticket through the link below:


Very good, I’ve also asked Doman Chen for help debugging, the efficiency is very fast! Pimax can have such a careful after-sales service is really the soul of an enterprise, I hope to keep it! Cheers for Doman Chen!Looking forward to pimax behind the product update optimization!


So sweet of you! :heart: :heart:
At the same time, thank you for your understanding and cooperation all the time.


If I ever encounter a problem, I’ll ask for Mr Chen then :thinking:

:blush: :+1:


Really good experience with Doman Chen. Fixed my firmware bricked 8kx in a few minutes. Changed my view of Pimax support!


I don’t know who helped me but the response was fast and and great. Problem solved. (Bricked)


Fast response time. Tracking issue thoroughly diagnosed and repaired. friendly attitude as mentioned as well made for a good experience.

I sincerely appreciate that from Doman & i am honestly absolutely loving this 8kx.