Does the 8kx come with the enhanced audio solution?

I thought I read that it came with the enhanced audio when I bought it, but I just wanted to make sure because I haven’t heard anything about the enhanced audio solution and the current one on the mas is very bad from what we’ve heard.

Are You asking as a backer or someone who pre-ordered it on the website?

If it’s the latter it depends on what You ordered.

You can see both versions here:

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As a backer upgrading

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In that case, I’m not sure (I’m not a backer), but what I am sure about is that it’s been discussed several times so I’m sure someone else will chime in… :wink:

this is what my receipt says

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Then You should be good for the deluxe audio strap I linked to.

They’re the ones that haven’t been showcased yet and which should be using one of the “big guys” drivers (JBL, AKG etc.) according to @SweViver (not his exact words, but something along those lines) … :wink:

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