Does Pitools have auto-resolution enabled?

I was comparing my RTX 3080 TI with my laptop RTX Quadro 5000 with the 8kX.

I noticed several times that when switching to the laptop the image is visibly blurrier. Sometimes it is fine and looks sharp as it should and comparably to the 3080 TI. But often enough I noticed booting to a lower res blurry picture.

If there is auto- resolution working under the hood of the Pitools, if so, how to disable it?

It’s probably your graphics card driver telling the 3080 to oversample using VRSS, or SteamVR rates the GPUs differently or the game has dynamic resolution, Pi-Tool does not change resolution at all however. It is perfectly static.

Look into the nVidia Control Panel, SteamVR advanced settings or the games render settings.