Does OpenComposite work for Pimax?

OpenComposite has been getting a bunch of attention lately by G2 and Oculus users, stating SteamVr is tanking performance, but I don’t think it would work for Pimax since Pimax doesn’t natively support OpenXR. Anyone try it at all?

Does it work at all and does it make sense to use?

Um, if I remember correctly, this is a tool to enable SteamVR games via OpenXR for Rift and wmr. So why would a Steam VR-HMD use this?

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No idea. That’s why I asked…I mean can it be used in some way to bypass an api layer for pimax? I mean its called opencomposite not openXRcomposite, plus doesnt Pimax support Oculus directly? I dont know, I just guessed since when I run Oculus games they seem to run without SteamVR, right?

Well, it’s bs on an Apple to use a Windows emulator and then use another emulator to run Apple programs in the Windows environment. xD

Try it and report…! :popcorn:

Good analogy. Glad i didnt. But youve seen people do it for kicks, right?

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Nice hahah that made my day

I tried it with Assetto Corsa with no luck so far. Instructions are thin on the ground for sure though, so I’m not 100% convinced I even had all the files I needed.
Apparently there are significant performance gains to be had bypassing Steam VR in certain titles, so if we can figure out how to get this working with Pimax equipment that would be excellent.

Thers no point. You bypass steam vr butnit still runs steam vr…

Well VR Sim Guy is now using it and claims HUGE FPS boosts

yesterday i have also try it, and i cant find any difference. Before 60-80FPS, with Tool, 60-80FPS, same mission, same settings. No wonder, the bottlenek is the CPU for most of us.

(8kx, 90Hz, normal FOV, 30xx Pix Vertical, no Smartsmooth/Repro, 10850k@5,2GHz, HT off, 32gb@3800c16 TitanRTx Hardware Modified/unlocked and max stable OCed to 400w /45c (in the middle between 3080 and 3090)

But, my SteamVR Process and the most other runs not on the same cores as DCS. Maybe is this the difference :wink:

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