Does anyone have issues where sometime their goggle left screen doesn't work?

does anyone have issues where sometime their goggle left screen doesn’t work?..just black screen? and you have to restart the computer a few times to finally get the screen back?

I have the 8K and yes my left screen has gone black a few times, I just turn off the HMD and then back on again and it starts up. I have cracks in my housing so Ill be getting it replaced soon

Don’t get it replaced too soon. If you wait long enough before getting it replaced they might just give you an 8k+! :^)

I’ve occasionally seen this. Left, right, or both panels are black or have multicolored horizontal stripes. It seems a little more common with the latest 197 beta, but (I think) I’ve only seen it while trying to change the refresh rate. Rebooting the headset in PiTool or restarting the service, followed by rebooting the headset has fixed it for me. (No need to reboot your PC.)

My 8K has been working fine, as long as I don’t change the refresh rate (which is currently at 80 Hz).

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I see that from time to time (right panel being off). Restarting PiServiceLauncher fixes it (can be done from the bottom of the HMD tab in PiTool).

Seems like a software/firmware issue to me, not hardware.

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Really? I guess I missed this

If you’re using DisplayPort have you applied the Nvidia firmware update for DP? Don’t have the link handy right now, but you could search the forums as it was posted at least a couple of times. Worked for me to fix the blanking/patterns.

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Thanks for the info! Yes, it’s a DP port. I haven’t heard of a firmware update, but I’ll look for it. In the meantime, I’ve installed the somewhat 436.15 drivers which didn’t have this problem.

No, I’m just guessing. xD I don’t see much reason to keep the 8k around unless they’re stuck in a contract.

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Here you go. If you run the executable, it’ll tell you if you can use the update.

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is crack on HMD eligible for RMA? mine have crack on it also

Theres a dedicated thread about housing issues

Yes, this is one of the most common reasons for RMA-ing, but I’m still not feeling that confident that what we’ll get in exchange will be any different. We’ll have to see, I guess, at Pimax’s shipping expense if they keep giving out dud cases. I guess they can put a stop to an endless cycle of RMA-ing by saying that the remaining warranty on the HMD is only for the remainder of the time since you initially received a unit and not from the last RMA. For backers, the warranty should renew for this kind of problem, IMO.

how does one apply for RMA for cracked HMD? do they sent out a new plastic piece or do you have to sent the headset out to them?

@spamenigma has a lot of experience about RMAing. I think he will be happy to guide you step-by-step.

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For my first RMA (cracked case, but also lens scuff as well as bad cable) I sent it in just as I received it.

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Its and RMA for sure with backers but Im not sure how they handle it if its was purchased another way

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It’s an RMA for anyone until the warranty expires (1 year). It’s not a feature… :wink:


Considering that @PimaxUSA is on the record (in a video) for saying that backers will not be left hanging with this issue unresolved (or only resolved at a cost wrt shipping), and that Pimax has told backers wanting to RMA for cracks/chips to wait until better cases are available, I would hope they do what’s right by the backers.

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Thanks! I’ll try it out, later tonight.

Apparently that’s not a fix for my problem, since it’s only for older cards and I have an RTX 2080.