Does anybody else feels like their sense of depth isn't correct?

I might just be bad, but is anybody else having issues timing things in Beat Saber? It’s as though my sense of depth is worse. It seems worse inn my periphery. Maybe still a little odd in the center, but better than the periphery. I did the precise IPD thing, so I don’t know if that’s the issue. I had it set close to 65 a while back, but set it to the lowest it would go without forcing it when I tried using the picture to adjust it.

I think You need “compatible with parallel projection” option ticked with Beat Saber.

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In Elite Dangerous, when I had my IPD set a little too high, the far-off stars in the distance seems to be too close. They seem a bit further away, now that my IPD setting is set correctly.

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I have been experimenting a LOT with the IPD and eyestrain and whatnot. My natural IPD is 65. The best results that I experience with the headset in terms of eyestrain is…65 and that is also when the distortion on the periphery is best. Now it is not as sharp, as you are not looking through the center of the lenses (given that you would be cockeyed) but if I drop it as low as it will go I get massive eyestrain, worse warping and the issues you are describing. 4 hours driving in rFactor with ipd 65 no issues, 4 hours driving in rFactor trying to get it sharp at min IPD, massive eyestrain and bad warping. I also have not noticed any issues with scale that other people are reporting but it would make sense as the angles are going to be different.


That’s not it. It’s checked.

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What is your real IPD and what reads on the headset?

Something around 59 I think… It gets to like 59.5 iirc in the headset. It might be an issue of world scale.

I see something that looks like vergence problem. If i look at object in the center… up to about 50 cm it looks fine, then it starts to slightly grow and shrink back up to about 10 m and further away it looks fine again. I think this gives me impression of larger than normal world scale sometimes.

This effect was minimized with new firmware but i still notice it from time to time. Distance from lens and tilt also seem to slightly affects this.

There is also obvious shrinking of objects towards edge but that’s not an issue when looking forward.

I’d say that because of compromises needed when designing wide FOV HMD geometry can get a bit sketchy.