Do You Need OLED High Res Pimax Forum Poll?

It’s follow up for , seems the poll itself wasn’t good designed & recently emojis got broken & we lost all results, so I rebuilt the poll with poll forum tool & it’s open for discussion:

  • I want HDR OLED Pimax with RGB stripe pixels arrangement & SDE not worse than on Vive Pro
  • I want HDR OLED Pimax with pentile pixels arrangement & SDE not worse than on Vive Pro
  • I want OLED, anything OLED, HDR & different pixels patterns not mandatory options but are welcome
  • I do NOT want OLED if SDE will be worse than on 8KX
  • I satisfied with current Pimax overall picture quality (don’t mix with sweet-spot, both eyes focus etc, it’s about colours, contrast, brightness, SDE, pixels patterns/jagged edges, smear etc)
  • Im ok with black levels but want colours improvements
  • Im ok with black levels but want contrast improvements
  • Im ok with black levels but want brightness improvements
  • Im ok with colours & other picture properties but want to get rid of MURA
  • I still want SDE be better than on 8kX I have

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It is not explicitely less SDE I want, but still an even better resolution - 2x 5K, 2x 6K, and so on, until the VR display resolution and sharpness directly in front of my eyes is as good as on my 47" TV in FullHD/WQHD 80cm away from me :wink:

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I think my Oculus CV1 really degraded in brightness and colors at the end of the ~1.5k hours I put on it, not sure I want an OLED panel instead of LCD.

Double the resolution might be something though.

To be fair it’s not really oled we want, it’s oled level blacks and oled level color, just that right now that’s only possible with oled. Any other tech that delivers the same is fine… as long as its safe…

Right now i’d be happy with oled blacks with 4k resolution and sdr approaching the 8kx. I’d probably even accept 8k level sdr as a compromise for the colors and blacks. but ideally i’d want 16k rgb oled per eye… altough a little upscaling might be needed until next gen gpu…

Seriously 4k oled hdr would be nice if a panel exists with enough quality.


samsung odyssey plus with recent WMR update has decent minimal screen door screen, I really enjoy it, unfoortunately WMR is laggy for me & has performance drops, but screen itself with 300% SS looks better than vive pro.

I almost sure 2160x2160 full rgb stripe oled (as in sony PSVR) display with samsung’s anti SDE filter if needed will be a blast, not sure why nobody does it, seems there is some limitation (cost/technology) although I saw recently some news in OLED displays investigation department, but I guess it costs a lot atm

they’re probably pretty pricey, yeah.

I have an Odyssey+ gathering dust, I bought it when I expected there to be months before the 8k would arrive… it took 14 days and I’ve only really been using it for the occasional movie now and then. I mean it’s a nice headset, the 8k just worked better for me.

Something like the 10.000 dpi oled panel that was up a while back would be awesome, i mean you wouldn’t drive the pixels individually but you should still be able to get something stunning out of it. I’m just scared thinking what the price will be.

I’d really like higher quality lenses, because the current quality lenses will still wash out with oled imo. Yes it’d be better, and HDR (/ WCG) would be very welcome, but I think the lenses also need updates.

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Actually, about the only benefit of OLED black levels, is with completely dark scenes, like night flight sim, and some places in HL Alyx. So that the whole scene looks black, with a few bright spots, instead of grey.

Any situation in which lens ‘wash out’ is a concern, would not benefit so much from OLED black levels anyway.

Better lenses would help other things though. Like maybe just not giving so many users IPD problems, or making things generally less sensitive to alignment…

Seriously i don’t mind the night with stars and whatever because it gives contrast, it’s the moments of total darkness that throws up a gray wall centimeters from my eyes our that really ruins immersion.

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yes, in Elite if you have station or star which are bright objects it’s ok on LCD, but in dark scenes where all is dark (it’s not night / completely dark scenes, just average lobbies like in Echo VR or other games) you get grey popping up through the colours & it distracts, it’s more or less ok on modern HMDs like Comos Elite, Index nowadays (i started use it more after patches, as columns correction nowadays works much better), I believe G2 also has great contrast, but it still not as good as on OLED & really greyish picture in middle dark scenes just an immersion killer

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