Do you all have a constantly flashing red LED in the proximity sensor module on the inside of your PIMAX HMDs?

I do. It’s the tiny LED on the left. Is it supposed to be flashing really quickly all the time?

Also, my screen stays on all the time even when I’ve taken the headset off. Is that normal as well?

Yes, both things are normal, so don’t worry :wink:

If you have the Pimax in Extended Mode, the screen always be on, because it is like a second monitor. And if you have it on Direct or Pimax mode, it will be on if you are executing a VR app.

I was expecting the proximity sensor would turn the screen off whenever the headset wasn’t on my face.

Hi so its supposed to be flashing but if i put it away from my face it gets off so it should get off even in extended and even if i am watching video maybe depends on application u use not sure about that

Hey. I have the same trouble, the proximity sensor does not work.
That is, the Pimax screen always works. How did you solve this problem?

I solved this problem! :wink:
that the foam rubber blocked this sensor and it did not work.
I just moved the foam rubber wider and the pimax has now disengaged automatically!