Do we know what hardware they are using for the up-scaling?

do we know what hardware they are using for the up-scaling? i’m interested in knowing more about this aspect.

Something like this. I don’t know exact model or scheme Pimax using, but i google it and see if it exist.
(“upscaling” “4k” “pcb” “device” “chip”)

You can see it byu google or @pimaxsupport ,

If I remember correctly, pimax is saying that the upscalar for the 8k is within the headset itself.

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yes it’s on the headset, however VR have very strict constrain like latency and stereo so we can’t just use the one made for TV.

I’m not finding anywhere what Pimax use, only saw they were working with few prospect company in very earlier discussion. No idea which model they ended up with at the end.

They have like LCD panels tweaked, maybe upscaler is in same situation.
Found manufacturer, ask for specific hardware tweaks and get their demo units.
“btw ^Rain is boiled” :smile:

If only they made a DisplayPort 1.4 version. This chip is sub <1ms 4k upscaling that meets tecnicolors standards of 4k with the signal not even being 4k. That’s pretty wild.

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Anyone tryed the mcable on the vive

Is this a new menu item at McDonald’s?


Theres evan a gaming edition but thats only if you go large

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You can get an Apple PiMax.