Do the 8KX backer get their loaners?

Well I wonder If I’m the only 8kx backer who decided to get a loaner 8K. Are there other backer aswell and did you get yours?


8K-X backer here. I got a 5K+ loaner but it is defective. Trying to return it for another loaner.

I am a 8kx backer too with a loaner 5k headset got mine very early had a few tracking issues but nothing else wrong with it . I really hope for some better comfort on the 8kx otherwise im happy. How do i get the 8kx title beside my name btw?

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@Heliosurge can do that for you.


Yes as far as I know, most 8KX backers have got loaners by now, either 8K or 5K+.
@Zybane have you created a suport ticket?

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