Do I need the vive link Box?

Hi I’ve seen others mention the link box as part of their set up. Are they referring to the link box in the original vive setup?
If so how is it used?

No, you don’t need a Vive link box. I think it can be used, but I’m not certain; they may be using it as a connector to extend the cable. Some references to the link box may actually be referring to the small box on the Pimax cable which merges the USB, DisplayPort, and power into the unified cable which runs to the headset.


Ok thanks :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure…


I used it as a powered USB hub since I was having USB issues with my wheel/shifter connected at the same time as the 5K+. I have an old motherboard/processor so it shouldn’t be something to be concerned about (i5-4690K).

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