DMAS - Final version?

I just got a package with what looks like the DMAS. It has index like speakers along with an optional cup to isolate the sound better. Is this the final version? Last I heard it was still in the testing phase. I don’t even have a pimax anymore but I’m going to try to rig it up to my quest 2 or g2 to test it

Edit: looking at pictures of the kdmas, I’m wondering if that’s what I got. Not sure why, since the DMAS is the only thing I had left to get. Anyone know how to tell for sure?

It is the KDMAS for sure…

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Sounds like you received your backer box. And or bought a KDMAS.

Yeah must be. Which is strange since I took the money for them because they didn’t deliver on time. Hopefully they’ll still give the DMAS and didn’t think this is in lieu of it

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